Life Lately #1: Pitch Perfect 2, Brain Freeze And Forest Walks

Hi guys!

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably have seen me relentlessly moaning about my work schedule recently. I seem to have something of an issue with saying no to overtime which led me to being in work every day for three straight weeks. I like my job, but it’s tiring and I’m not so great at controlling my urge to swear at shitty customers when I’m working 2 people’s jobs every day for that long. This past weekend has been my first off since my epic work marathon began, and was also my first opportunity to see Liam in three weeks too. As far as I can remember, that’s about as long as we’ve been apart since we got together.

And so at 7am Saturday morning I wandered up to the train station and began the three and a half hour journey to Liam’s for the weekend.

Liam in KFC

I’ve been excited about Pitch Perfect 2 for as long as it’s been announced and I was more than a bit annoyed that I had to wait two weeks after it’s release to get my dose of Fat Amy, so first thing on our agenda was to see it. We treated ourselves to a KFC and a wonder around the Metro Centre (he wouldn’t let me have a cross bow from Men Kind, boo hoo) before heading up to Odeon. I was pretty much buzzing with excitement by this point.

Being the er… genius that he is, Liam insisted he wanted a Tango Ice Blast (I have not-so-fond memories of puking a blue one all over the back of my granny’s car as a kid and have since been suspicious of them)- cue brain freeze in the middle of the cinema and a photo set he’ll kill me for.

Liam's Tango Ice Blast

Pitch Perfect didn’t disappoint- I’m fairly sure I embarrassed Liam laughing so much near enough the whole way through (apart from those few moments when I was shedding a tear). There’s always a bit of a worry with sequels that they don’t live up to the original- and Pitch Perfect really was a lot to live up to. They managed to keep it funny and provided all the fab female friendship and Fat Amy you could hope for.

As it happens though, travelling from 7am and hauling your boyfriend round half of the metro centre is kind of tiring, and we spent the remainder of our weekend watching BGT and eating pancakes (between napping and dog walking). Such a thrill for all involved.

I’m spending the last of my long weekend throwing together a favourites post for May and doing some other bloggy bits and pieces like the thoroughly exciting individual I am, before going back to work at 7am tomorrow (cry, cry). I have something of an eyebrow situation to deal with in the meantime.

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

Brianne xo

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