Unboxing The Love Lula September Sub Box

Unboxing The Love Lula September Sub Box - Joik, Balm Balm, Kimberly Sayer and Walden on Brianneetc

Well hello again!

After a few months of feeling very much on top of my blog game, I sort of fell off the wagon. Oops. Work has been crazy of late and I’m settling back into the gym, which has left little time for anything else.

I’m back again though, this time to talk through the contents of the Love Lula September Sub Box!*

Let’s just jump straight in, shall we?

Walden Natural Perfumes – 5ml Sample Set

By far my favourite item in the September sub box, I was super excited to try out the samples of Walden’s perfume.

I’ve mentioned my love of Walden’s Castles In The Air before –  a gorgeous citrusy scent full of bergamot, rosemary and lavender that is all kinds of my thing, but  I was yet to try any of the other scents.

I know Nadia is fan of The Solid Earth (Pettigrain, Patchouli and Vetivert make for a very earthy mix), and A Different Drummer (Cedarwood, Amber and Amyris Sandalwood for a spicy, woody mix) will always remind me of Steph. Two Eternities is, of course, a hit with me as it contains Bergamot and Sweet Orange (my true loves), and A Little Stardust is perhaps a little floral for me but sports a lovely blend of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Iris.

Balm Balm Beauty Balm

I will sing my love of all things Balm Balm from the rooftops if I must. This isn’t my first time using this balm – it’s a personal fav of mine for makeup removal and a handbag essential of late since I started lifting again. It’s super soothing on tender, dry skin and I personally keep it on hand (ha) for sore hands after deadlifts (my poor calloused hands are suffering of late).

This is a lovely multi-purpose balm that you can use for a bit of everything and I can see it being a huge hit for me this winter.

Joik White Chocolate Bath Truffle

Upon the first inspection of the September sub box, I was over the moon with this little bath goodie – it smells incredible and was set to be the most moisturising bath product ever until I actually tried it.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and perhaps only half of this was really necessary for first use. Although I stepped out of the bath a silky soft goddess, actually getting out of the bath was something of an issue. I mean, I literally had to text Liam to be on hand because I  feared I may be trapped in the oily, slippery remnants forever. My bath took 2 days to properly clean and by the time I was safely on dry land I was so traumatised that any relaxation I had previously felt was gone. I also didn’t feel particularly clean – the thick residue this product left extended from the bath to my entire body.

If you suffer from especially dry or flaky skin I can see this being a huge help for you – but unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of having to shower twice after using.

Kimberly Sayer Samples (Assorted)

I didn’t want to be on the complaining bandwagon with the September sub box, but I don’t personally love little sample sachets. I find I never get enough use to decide if I actually like the products, and when the product in question is in the price range of Kimberly Sayer, I want to know that the product works for me before buying the full size. All of the sachets contained perfectly lovely products, but I can’t say much about how they actually worked for me and my skin over time.

Esse Probiotic Gel Cleanser

I’m glad I managed to get a few uses out of this product because it’s actually a really lovely cleanser that is packed full of really lovely ingredients. Although the price point of the full size is a little stretch of my budget, I would definitely consider purchasing the full size once I’m out of my existing cleansers.

This gel cleanser has a lovely mild, refreshing scent and is packed full of plant extracts and biodegradable foaming agents to leave your skin fresh and clean, but not dry or stripped. From the sample, I a can’t say my skin has dramatically changed or had any wild results but I’d definitely be up for trying this out long term.

So, 3/5 ain’t bad, right? Would you be interested in trying any of these products?

Brianne xo

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*As a member of Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger Program I receive the sub box free of charge. This post is not paid for and all views remain my own.


4 thoughts on “Unboxing The Love Lula September Sub Box

  1. Oh dear, what an experience with Joik’s bath truffle you had! The way you wrote it it’s actually quite entertaining, it really made me laugh! Luckily, this bath truffle is not something that I will use as I am not a bath person. I will probably give it away to a charity shop.

  2. I completely relate to you about work getting so busy, I’ve had the same problem! Great post, though – but what a shame about the bath truffle, at first glance I thought it sounded amazing! So, obvious question but are Love Lula boxes cruelty free every month? If so, it’s so exciting to know some exist – it’s not something I’ve ever looked into! xx


  3. Different type of comment for a beauty blog I know but I too suffered from callouses until I bought myself some gloves for the gym. Highly recommend getting some – they’re great for lifting and I also use them on the rower too as they make everything a lot more comfortable 🙂

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