Three Reasons I Use Wooden Hairbrushes

I had a wooden hairbrush when I was younger and I hated it. I don’t know where it came from or why I even had it, but something about it just didn’t agree with me. I’ve gone through years of being head sore and having a sensitive scalp, flippantly switching between haircare products and generally just being a bit rubbish about looking after my hair. I thought my hair was invincible. As I approach 25 though, the years of dying and backcombing in that awful scene phase we all went through are starting to catch up to me and my poor, wilting locks.

Three Reasons I Use Wooden Hairbrushes

You’ll have seen my posts recently about oiling my hair and some of the more steady products in my lineup, but the changes to my haircare have gone way beyond just sticking with a product. Lately, I’ve been really restraining myself when it comes to heat on my hair – unless I absolutely have to wash my hair in a morning I usually won’t. My straighteners have been gathering dust for weeks and I’ve long since got rid of the really nasty dry shampoo habit I’d slipped into. A change I’d never thought would make a difference would be acquiring a wooden hairbrush.

The change came about after binging on almost all of Holistic Habits Youtube videos over the course of a couple of days and was suddenly super inspired by all of her natural beauty products and eco-friendly goodies. One was wooden hairbrushes. If you’ve ever seen Holistic Habits, you’ll have seen Sarah’s hair and it is incredible. So if it works for here, I’m down to try it too. Here are three reasons I use wooden hairbrushes.

Scalp massage

Brushing your hair, in general, stimulates your scalp in some type of way, but wooden bristles are a little firmer and less scratchy on the scalp. I use The Body Shop’s Bamboo Hairbrush as an affordable option which does the job just fine, but there are dozens of more luxury options out there. You don’t have to do anything special to reap the benefits, just brushing your hair whenever you like.

Oil Distribution

I’ve spent many years almost fearing oily hair, but I’m definitely learning to appreciate it recently. Wooden hairbrushes absorb a certain amount of your hair’s natural oils from closer to your scalp and distribute them evenly down the hair. I was sceptical at first and was concerned I’d have always-oily hair but I’ve really found it to be fine. The distribution of your hairs natural oils naturally conditions the lengths and ends of your hair – which if you suffer from dry ends is a fantastic bonus.

Better Control and Healthier Hair

For starters, wooden hairbrushes don’t leave your hair full of static so it’s not floating away every chance it gets. My hair isn’t weighed down either though, instead, it just settles into a nice gentle wave. Because of the bristles on my wooden hairbrush, in particular, are so thick, there’s less snagging and pulling when I brush. In turn, that means less snappy ends, split ends or random pieces of my hair being yanked. And finally, it means a happier scalp thanks to far less friction and pulling. Bliss.

Would you consider a wooden hairbrush for yourself? Or do you already?

Brianne xo

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  1. I’ve seen a lot written about wooden hairbrushes recently and I’m definitely considering getting one, I have oily roots and dry ends so it sounds ideal! xx

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