My First Products From The Balm

Trying My First Products From The Balm - Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter and Schwing Eyeliner

*Both suitable for vegans

The Balm is one of those brands I’ve lusted after forever, but I’m on a bit of a budget usually and I haven’t really splashed out just yet. Over the festive season, I was gifted some vouchers for Next, though, and it was the perfect opportunity to A) stock up on their super soft underwear and b) Pick out a couple of pieces from The Balm. I may also have been more than tempted to buy Daisy a little duffle coat as well, but Liam reigned me in.

When it came to choosing products the first for me was obvious: if you haven’t heard of Mary-Lou yet where have you been? I was a little stuck between products for the second – on one hand I want every nude palette ever, but I’m not so fond of the nudity in the Nude Tude (Volume Two is beautiful but I don’t need naked blokes in my eyeshadow) and aside from wanting every blush and highlighter they ever released, I finally got some common sense and picked up their Schwing eyeliner.

Trying My First Products From The Balm

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Mary-Lou Manizer is everything you want from a highlighter. Gorgeous packaging, sleek compact and the most beautiful golden shimmer that catches the light on your face from just about every angle. If you’re anything like me – pale and suffering from wintery whiteness – this really gives you a gorgeous champagne glow that definitely stops me looking as if I haven’t seen real sunlight in a week (I haven’t, what is this weather?). The formula is super smooth and almost buttery – an ultra blendable highlight that can be a subtle shimmer or an all-out glow.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

It is entirely possible to overdo it with Mary-Lou and that is possibly the only con of this gorgeous product.

Not only that but she’s a multitasker – doubling up as an eyeshadow as well as a highlight and general all over the place shimmer. I have endless time for multi-functional products in my life.

Mary-Lou gets a glowing review! Get it? 

The Balm Schwing Eyeliner

The Balm Schwing Eyeliner

I’m running dangerously low on my Collection Fast Stroke and so Schwing was the obvious choice for me. Gorgeous packaging is the norm for The Balm and Schwing is no different. The wand is pretty similar to Collection’s Fast Stroke, except thinner and sharper – so if you’re looking for that lethal cat eye this is the one for you. Schwing’s formula is a real step up too – it sets and mattifies super fast so there’s less chance of blinking and smearing it all over your eye (a daily struggle for me).

Overall I think I picked some good ones! I couldn’t be happier with my purchases and maybe sometime in future, I’ll end up with some more!

Have you tried any products from The Balm? Tell me about your favourites!

Brianne xo

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22 thoughts on “My First Products From The Balm

    1. Haha I’m still getting to grips with contouring/highlighting myself! The liner is so fab though, I’m rubbish at applying any other type of liner mind so Ii’m a bit biased! xx

  1. Lovely picks! I love both of them a lot. Be careful with your Mary-Lou though, mine broke the second I dropped it on the floor for the first time. It’s a struggle I hear from a lot of different people. It just doesn’t apply the same anymore now it’s all crumbled up…

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. Oh no! Could it be fixed with rubbing alcohol maybe? I’ll have to be extra careful with it, I’m basically the clumsiest person there ever was xx

  2. I’m obsessed with Mary-Lou! Although it’s the only balm product I currently own. This may need to change soon though, haha. I agree though, sometimes it can be easily over done! For some reason I haven’t thought of using it as an eyeshadow!!


  3. I’m obsessed with Mary-Lou! Although it’s the only balm product I currently own. This may need to change soon though, haha. I agree though, sometimes it can be easily over done! For some reason I haven’t thought of using it as an eyeshadow!!

    1. I’ll basically use anything that shimmers as an eyeshadow tbh! The first time I tried it I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as strog as it is and looked like I’d painted it on haha, Ii’m a bit more under control now thankfully xxx

  4. Mary-Lou Manizer is one of my all-time favorite highlighters. I had to give it a break because I was using it every single day 🙂

    Wendy |

    1. I see why that’s the case! I’m already in love with it although I’ve also been really liking Sleek’s highlighters, I’ll have to keep switching!

    1. I’d definitely recommend the eyeliner as one to try too! I wore it to work for the first time today and got so many compliments!

  5. Lovely post, Brianne! I got Mary Lou for Christmas and I was ridiculously excited, I’ve used it nearly every day since! I need a new liquid liner so I’ll have to try out Schwing, I’ve been struggling to find one that I get on well with xx


    1. I know how you feel finding eyeliners! There’s a really specific wand type I get on with and other than that I find others so difficult to apply 🙁 x

  6. I love the packaging of the balm! I’ll be honest though and say I wasn’t impressed with the pigmentation of one of the palettes I tried by them!

    Corinne x

    1. I’ve been eyeing them for a while but I’ve heard a few people say this too! The packaging is adorable though x

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