Superdrug’s Simply Pure Skincare Range

*Both suitable for vegans

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a bit of a fan of Superdrug’s own skincare ranges. I’ve talked already about their Naturally Radiant Glycolic Fix, and numerous products from their Vitamin E range here there and everywhere in Brianneetc’s short time on the internet so far. They’re affordable, cruelty free, mostly vegan with the exception of a few products and most importantly, they work well enough to rival more expensive lines. Their Simply Pure Range is no different.

Although I’m not an enormous fan of this range’s packaging (it reminds me of a bargain babycare range) don’t let that put you off. Following a particularly tricky skin period I was on the hunt for some massively gentle moisturising products to get me through the winter months without ruining my skin all over again. Enter stage left; Simply Pure.

Superdrug's Simply Pure Skincare Range

I chose two products from the range, the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum and the Simply Pure Light Moisturiser.

The Simply Pure Hydrating Serum

The Simply Pure Hydrating Serum is not unlike many other serum’s from Superdrug’s own ranges – ultra light, non-greasy in formula, and incredibly gentle on the skin. This one is non-scented and perfect if you have sensitive skin prone to feeling tight and dehydrated, if not dry and flaky. My skin has a habit of feeling incredibly dehydrated but recently many products that previously worked have turned my skin from dehydrated to slippy, bordering on oily and incredibly prone to breakouts.

I use this product every evening under the light moisturiser and my skin as a result is much more supple, clearer and smoother.

The Simply Pure Light Moisturiser

The Simply Pure Light Moisturiser follows the unscented lead, and really is one of the lightest, most gentle products I’ve come across on a budget. It’s a bargain in price but has all the benefits of a pricier option – good for both morning and evenings this moisturiser is so light in formula that it absorbs within minutes, smoothing my skin and leaving little to no trace of it’s presence. I still struggle if I apply to soon before applying make up but that’s an issue I’ve always had, so I can’t fault the product itself. It’s eased up the drier patches around my nose and has thankfully not completely overwhelmed my skin, so I couldn’t love it any more.

I can’t wait to try some more from the range! Have you given any of the Simply Pure Range?

Simply Pure is available online and in Superdrug stores all for under £5.

Brianne xo

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3 thoughts on “Superdrug’s Simply Pure Skincare Range

  1. These products sound exactly like the kind of thing I need right now, especially the serum! I love Superdrug’s own brand stuff, I’ve yet to find anything that’s disappointed me (and I love that it’s all cruelty-free, too) xx


    1. They’re so lovely! I regret underestimating them so much now haha, I can’t get enough of them. I have the vitamin E serum too and they’re such a bargain xx

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