Life Lately #4: Some Updates, Changes and Shuffling with Brianneetc

Hey guys!

I’m pausing regular posting to have a quick natter with you (again, I know, I’m sorry).

Some pretty big changes

You may or may not have noticed that lately my regular 3x per week schedule has slipped up a little. July was a crazy month for me, working as many hours as physically possible to prove it was worth extending my contract. My birthday swung by at the start of August, and if you hadn’t already guessed, I’ve been working ever since.

All of this has lead up to probably my biggest upheaval- I’m moving. Sometimes in the next week or two I’m finishing my time in my current job, packing my life up and moving 178 miles away to Newcastle, where I’ll be moving in with Liam shortly after celebrating our one year anniversary, and starting my new job. All of this has meant it has been super, super hard to keep up with my own blog and despite being overwhelmed by ideas for posts I really want to share with you guys, I just haven’t had the time to actually get them written up in a way that feels like I’m really putting out my best content.

I’m still going to be aiming to post at least once per week, if not twice where I can, but for the next few weeks until I’m settled I’ll be slowing down my blogging schedule and getting back on my feet- not least because I won’t actually have internet in the new place until the 24th (how will I go on?!).

And on the subject of changes, I’ve been doing some good old mind mapping recently and really trying to work out the best direction for my blog to take. You may or my not have seen my meltdown on twitter recently about “accessible veganism” and it hit me- a niche I could be filling. Over the last month or so not only have I cut animal products fro my diet, but I’ve been crawling towards some more cruelty free and vegan-friendly skin care and make up products that I’ve been loving.

Obviously I’m not all there yet, but that’s kind of my point.

Happy days- some pretty big changes

Since going vegan, I’ve learned a few things:

1. It’s bloody hard. I think some people sometimes forget that going from being omnivorous to vegan means completely cutting more than just one food group. In some ways it’s similar to some crash diets where you cut carbs in half or go entirely low fat, or vow to avoid bread like your life depends on it. It’s hard to suddenly cut animal products from your life because you probably don’t realise they are everywhere. It’s a learning curve, a new way of eating and cooking, and a new way of having to organise your time and plan your food if you’re living any kind of busy out-of-the-house lifestyle where your next meal will sometimes come at 6am from a Morrisons garage on your way to work.

2. You probably don’t realise how many of your products aren’t cruelty free. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I did some research and learned that a fair amount of mine already are cruelty free or vegan friendly, but a pretty big number of typical drug store brands I enjoyed weren’t.

3. Other vegans can be terrifying. See also: it’s not always about the animals. I love animals. I do, but it’s not always about them. Animal welfare is important to me, but veganism for me is more about my health and it’s a personal decision based on wanting to feel better in myself. I’ve lost count of the number of fellow vegans I followed who I suddenly caught attacking non-vegans with stats about the meat market and pictures of dead cows. That was never, ever what influenced my decision and it makes actually going vegan so much more intimidating for your average person. I do not want to be that kind of vegan.

4. It’s a journey. This sort of rounds up the last few points. Its hard to be perfect right away, and it can be intimidating. It’s not all about ramming my veganism down your throat, I’m happy just chugging on, learning new things as I go and progressing towards going cruelty free and properly vegan. Does that mean I’ll stop bringing you fab new products and beauty posts? Absolutely not. Does that also mean you’ll be getting aggressive vegan posts thrown at you every other day? Nope. It’s simply turning my blog into a place I can share my journey with you guys while still sharing the things I love with you guys.

In the midst of all this I’ll still be super active across all my social media so you can keep up with me there! Thank you all so much for baring with me despite my poor blogging recently <3

Brianne xo

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6 thoughts on “Life Lately #4: Some Updates, Changes and Shuffling with Brianneetc

  1. Hi, great post. I have been trying out vegan meals recently but now starting to eat whatever again as i love my eggs, cheese and salmon,lol So now i am wondering if doing a plant based life change is worth it, it can seem quite hard getting to know everything and going out and about, having to make a fuss to make sure food is all vegan before you eat it, puts me off a bit? x

    1. Keeping an eye on what you’re eating can be really awkward! It’s annoying at times but I really have noticed a huge difference in mindset as well as generally feeling healthier- being aware of what I eat has always been an issue for me because I can mindlessly eat like a champ! It’s definitely not a lifestyle suited to everyone but over time it gets easier. Glad you enjoyed the post! x

  2. Wow, sounds like you have such a busy schedule!

    I know how you feel though with full-time work and trying to juggle 10 million blog ideas, just wishing they’d write themselves!

    Look forward to seeing more stuff from you when you can 🙂

    Tania |

  3. Wow, sounds like you have such a busy schedule!

    I know how you feel though with full-time work and trying to juggle 10 million blog ideas, just wishing they’d write themselves!

    Look forward to seeing more stuff from you when you can & good luck moving! 🙂

    Tania |

    1. Haha I wish they would sometimes too! Or at least take their own photos. Thank you for your comment though! I’ve been working non stop to try keep my blog ticking over during the move <3

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