Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks

Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks - Birthday Suit, Rioja Red and Fandango Purple

It’s probably no secret that I am obsessed with liquid lipsticks. They’re basically all I wear – essentially, they’re perfect for every situation. They last all day, stay opaque and don’t bring back horrific memories of how much lipgloss everyone wore in high school. I picked up my first Matte Me a while ago – the perfect nude for work that is just enough colour on the lips to make me look like I made an effort without being so much as to be told off by my boss for wearing too much makeup (not that it seems to matter).

And then came that deal at Superdrug over Christmas where you got a free Matte Me for spending over £10 and suddenly I had 2 more because everything I use ran out at once (and who can resist a free lipstick?).

The shades are gorgeous, although the others in the range aren’t quite my colours and look a little silly on me, so I think my selection will stick to these 3. My shades are Fandango Purple, Rioja Red and Birthday Suit – and I’m equally in love with them all.

Matte Me Up

On first application they feel more than a little liquid-y. I’d go as far as to say wet, so they’re best applied a little sparingly and it does appear that they’re a little patchy, but they dry much smoother and much more opaque than they first seem.

matte me swatches

And boy, do they stay. One application in a morning can get me through 2 hours of travel, a meal and a solid work day and the only time my lipstick starts to flake are when I rub my lips together or chew them (a terrible habit of mine). They do flake off the same way most lipsticks do if you attempt to – but I will also say that a swatch on my hand once lasted 2 days because I didn’t have any oily make up remover left.

On exfoliated, well-moisturised lips these will easily last a whole day at a time. With that said, you might need a touch up if you end up diving face first into a burger (not that I’m speaking from experience…).

Have you tried any of the Matte Me range yet?

Brianne xo

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15 thoughts on “Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks

    1. They’re definitely my three faves! I would hope the others in the range are just as good but I swatched them and found they just really don’t suit me haha xo

    1. Definitely give them a go! I tried a couple from Bourjois a while ago now and the applicator is much softer on them, but I find this one really lets you be precise once you’re used to it xo

    1. I was unsure on birthday suit as well but it’s become the lipstick I wear near enough daily for work! It’s a little more brown toned than my normal nude but it’s such a lovely shade xo

    1. Ah I love them! Fandango seems a bit patchier in swatches than it looks on the lips, I think I’m just so pale I shine though :’) x

  1. Hey Brianne, this is a good post, bought two of the colours yesterday, but find them quite drying, maybe i have to use a lip scrub and moisturise before applying. Will have to post a review x

  2. Please please tell me the matte me range is vegan??
    I’ve been searching for vegan matte lipsticks that don’t break the bank but had no luck!

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