Sleek i-Divine Palette: Vintage Romance Palette

*Suitable for vegetarians, not suitable for vegans.

I feel like if I could own every Sleek i-Divine Palette, I probably would. I currently own two, and am lusting after about five others. I’ve mentioned the Oh So Special palette so many times on this blog now that you’re probably sick of hearing about it- but it’s one that you really should try. As we shift into autumn though, I’ve been feeling a little more adventurous with my eyes and the standard one-wash beiges, bronzes and browns are taking a back seat in my make up routine. The Vintage Romance palette really satisfies my hunger for just a little more colour.

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

The packaging as always with Sleek is… well, sleek. Streamlined and matte black with a fair sized mirror and a good amount of product in each pan, they can’t really go wrong. I’m taking extra care of this one since I broke the hinges o my last, but that was mostly my own fault. The actual packaging itself is fairly sturdy and hardwearing.

The 12 Vintage Romance Palette Shades…

And as for the shades… Oh boy, the shades. I have to admit I’m a little scared of some of the brighter purples but I find they really, really compliment my brown eyes, and so I’m learning to love them a little more. The Vintage Romance palette has 12 shades that are mostly frosted or shimmery shades with only one true matte- this doesn’t bother me much as I’m a sucker for a good bit of shimmer on the old eyes, but if you’re a matte girl this might not be for you.

Sleek I Divine Vintage Romance Palette
L-R: Pretty In Paris, Meet In Madrid, Court In Cannes + Lust In LA

There’s a couple of gorgeous lighter shades: Pretty In Paris is a super light silvery shade perfect for inner eye highlighting, while Meet In Madrid (a lovely orange-yellow toned gold), Court In Cannes (a warm toned brown with a frosted golden shimmer) and Lust In LA (a deeper chocolate brown with a fine milled golden shimmer) are all gorgeous frosted one-wash shades I wear alone fairly regularly to look a little more awake.

Sleek I Divine Vintage Romance Palette
L-R: Romance In Rome + Propose In Prague

Romance In Rome is a deep, cool-toned purple with a slightly frosted finish, and to contrast Propose In Prague is a very warm toned brown with reddish undertones- possibly the only reddish shade I’ve ever pulled off (and one I’m completely in love with).

Sleek I Divine Vintage Romance Palette
L-R: Vow In Venic, Marry In Monte Carlo, and Honeymoon in Hollywood.

Vow In Venice, Marry In Monte Carlo, and Honeymoon In Hollywood are all various deep berry shades with varying degrees of shimmer to them, perfect for autumn.

Sleek I Divine Vintage Romance Palette
L-R: Bliss In Barcelona, Forever In Florence + Love In London

Bliss In Barcelona is a bright violet shade with a vaguely holographic finish- from various angles it looks almost a metalic grey. Forever In Florence is a less frosted and more glittery, but a lovely deep burgundy shade all the same if the glitter doesn’t bother you, while Love In London is an ultra-smudgy black with a hint of silver glitter that can be worked out to a grey shade, or build up to a heavier finish.

The Verdict?

All of the shades are wonderfully blendable, soft powders which makes them incredibly easy to work with, espiecially if you’re like me and can be a little clumsy with your eyeshadows. As always with Sleek the shades are all long-lasting, well pigmented and overall absolutely stunning.

Yet another done-right palette from Sleek. Have you tried any of their eyeshadow Palettes?

You can pick up the Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette here for £7.99.


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    1. Haha I know what you mean! I tried to get a bit experimental today and I love each shade individually, but some of them blend to look more like a bruise than a nice smokey eye! I had to drag in some extra help from other palettes haha xx

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