Sleek Contour Kit – The Perfect Daily Kit

I’ve been putting off this post because I’m still a little new to this contouring thing – as someone who basically has no cheekbones, I don’t really have a lot to contour and I feel like I quite often just look a clown in any attempt to sculpt a non-existing jawline. I’m learning to work with what I have (or don’t have, if we’re talking discernible cheekbones). This is where the Sleek contour kit comes in handy.

Sleek Contour Kit

If you hadn’t guessed by now I’m a loyal fan of Sleek. Cruelty free, a wide range of vegan products, flawless lipsticks and the brand that has given me my perfect brow product, they really can’t do much wrong (except the fact that the i-Divine palettes aren’t vegan which means I can’t buy any more).

The Sleek Contour Kit comes in classic Sleek matte black packaging – another thing I love about the brand is how… Sleek everything is. Nothing is too bulky or takes up too much room, and it always looks more expensive than it really is.

Packaging aside, the contour powder is a lovely buttery formula that is just about perfect for making my face look a little less like the moon on a good day. It blends super smoothly (helpful for those of us who have a habit of going a little OTT), and is just about the right shade for my fair skin. It’s super buildable (which is why to swatch I had to really layer it on).

Sleek Contour Kit

One thing I will say for the Sleek Contour Kit is that while it works for my cheeks, it’s not quite the right shade for a full-face contour. Around my forehead or nose it has a habit of coming across a little dirty in shade which isn’t ideal. Regardless, this is what makes this the perfect daily kit – quick and easy to use and add just a hint of shape to the cheeks.

The highlight is of a similar formula – and one I really am a fan of. It offers a similar glow to my Mary Lou Manizer – only not quite so megawatt, which is a little easier on the eye for every day use. Once again it’s super buttery and long lasting on the skin, and surprisingly even works nicely for a more natural look. It’s buildable too, which means that it can totally be used subtly for a day in work or all-out for an evening out.

All in all I’m definitely a fan – I only wish it was easier to find a contour powder that would suit my skin tone a little more – although this is as close as I’ve got so far.

What’s your favourite contour kit?

You can get the Sleek Contour Kit in Superdrug for £6.49.

Brianne xo

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7 thoughts on “Sleek Contour Kit – The Perfect Daily Kit

  1. This just looks so perfect to throw in your bag and have everything you need in one place to top up your base makeup! It’s really not a bad price either. The highlight looks lovely on your skin tone on your hand – I hope it looks that nice on your face too lol!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. I love Sleek as a brand in general! Since going cruelty free them and Gosh are my absolute go-to’s in the drugstore, they have some really amazing products!

    1. I love their eye shadows too but unfortunately they’re not vegan so I can’t buy any more of them 🙁 They do some really lovely pigmented products though! x

  2. Ooh this looks lovely, especially the highlighter! I find it difficult to find products to contour with as well, I have such a fear of looking muddy. I love that this is so easy to blend, might have to try it soon! xx


    1. I feel you on the muddy fear! I’m always worried I’m so pale and sort of shapeless in the face so I’m always scared I’ll look painted :’) This is lovely if you have some self control though! xx

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