Gosh Prime N Refresh: A Winter Wake Up Call

Gosh Prime N Refresh Review

Gosh Prime N Refresh Review

*suitable for vegans

It’s really no secret at this point that Gosh are quickly climbing the ranks as one of my absolute favourite drug brands. They gave me my new foundation of choice and more recently I got to try their Prime N Refresh Eye Roll On – a Godsend for sleepy winter mornings.

We’ve all been there – it’s too cold in the morning to drag yourself out of bed and there’s about 200 things you’d rather do than get up and ready for work. More often than not in a morning you’ll catch me squinting around the flat until I absolutely have to move, and even then it’s very slowly, sloth style.

Gosh’s Prime N Refresh is a glorious little tool for waking up the undereye area in the morning and prepping it for any under-eye concealer. I use it just after my B. eye cream and before any other make up to prepare my face.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at first with this product – inside the packaging there’s three tiny rollerballs that dispense the perfect amount of product onto the skin under your eyes. It’s cooling, refreshing and really serves to wake you up first thing in the morning.

The product itself looks to be a very pale nude-pink but once massaged in with the rollerballs it’s near enough undetectable.

Gosh Prime N Refresh Review

The product claims to brighten and tighten, conceal fine lines and reduce dark circles/undereye puffiness (the part I struggle with the most) – and it’s a combination of the cool roller balls and the product itself that do just that. It’s not a perfect corrector – I wouldn’t replace my eye cream or concealer with this, but it does make one hell of a difference in boosting my concealer’s power and it definitely helps it to stick around a longer on my face.

Gosh Prime N Refresh is a fab little 30 second addition to your makeup routine – who doesn’t love a quick massage in the morning? Although the product claims to tighten it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dehydrated; the opposite in fact, and my under eyes are feeling better than ever.

If you’re looking for a pre-make up pick-me-up I’d definitely recommend giving this product a go. It’s a bargain for £7.99 at Superdrug and Gosh almost always has some awesome deals in there (at the time I’m writing this it had £1 off and if you spend £15 you get a free eyeshadow palette).

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7 thoughts on “Gosh Prime N Refresh: A Winter Wake Up Call

  1. Hahaha, how you described waking up is literally me! This sounds amazing though, my eyes are always tired and concealer comes off so easily, so will deffo be buying this on my next spree 😉


  2. I love Gosh, too, they make some lovely products and I think they’re generally very underrated! This sounds perfect for the morning, my eyes are always so heavy when I wake up haha xx


    1. You definitely don’t hear enough about them! I am falling in love with so many of their products and I’d never even tried anything until recently!xx

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