The PHB Ethical Beauty Hair Duo That Will Boost Your Locks

Ever since I gave up the mighty spend that came with my love of Lush’s Big Shampoo, I’ve been forced to try some alternatives. So far, although a few products have been quite lovely, none of them has quite tugged my heart strings the way Big did. Since discovering LoveLula, I’ve had access to a whole world of brands I used to admire other bloggers using  – PHB Ethical Beauty is one of them.  All vegan, cruelty-free and packed with organic ingredients and essential oils I love, I’ve been really enjoying working my way through their products and have found some gems.

Most recently on my list has been their Tea Tree and Lime Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner* duo.

PHB Ethical Beauty Volumising Shampoo And Conditioner - cruelty free, vegan and organic shampoo and conditioner

First Impressions

On first impressions, I was a huge fan of the pump-lid packaging – no more wrestling with soapy shampoo bottles and dropping them on my foot in the shower. My only complaint would be that I feel like I need quite a bit of product as my hair is so thick, and I have to hit the poor pump quite a few times. That aside, the pump is super handy and I appreciate it a lot.

In terms of scent, tea tree and lime will always have my heart – a refreshing duo that leaves your hair smelling refreshed and clean without smelling too medicinal (I find some tea tree products can come off a bit medical).

After the first few uses, I noted my hair definitely felt clean, fresh and soft after each wash. I did find that I wasn’t able to go as long between washes, which I had hoped was just my hair acclimatising to the new product.

Lasting Impressions

I’ve been using the PHB Ethical Beauty Volumising duo for a while now, and although I am still enamoured with the scent, I’m finding myself needing to use an awful lot of it. My hair is very thick and heavy, and I find that it gets greasy quite quickly between washes. If my hair was still much shorter, I think I’d get on pretty well with these products for a bit of lift. I find now that I can get away with only conditioning every other wash which does help but as my hair is so long and heavy now I do want to keep it in good condition – which means finding a conditioner I can actually use regularly.

That being said, both products are very gentle so regular use isn’t necessarily a bad thing. My wanting to not wash my hair every 3 days mostly comes down to laziness!

If you have very fine, light hair, you’ll probably fall in love with these.


Both of these products cost £22.50 as a duo set on LoveLula.

Will I buy again?

As much as I want to love them, I don’t think this combination is quite right for my hair.

Would you ever consider giving this duo a go?

Brianne xo

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*I chose these products as a member of the LoveLula Acredited Blogger Program, and so did not pay for them myself. Post contains affiliate links. All opinions remain my own. See my disclaimer for more details.



One thought on “The PHB Ethical Beauty Hair Duo That Will Boost Your Locks

  1. I tried mini versions of these a while back! I love the tea tree and lime combo but like you I found I had to leave less time between washes, which didn’t particularly suit my fine hair. But I did love the volume effect the shampoo had on my roots 🙂 xx

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