Perfect Brows With Gosh and Make Up Revolution

Gosh defining brow gel and Makeup Revolution Brow Arch And Shape for perfect brows

*Both Products suitable for vegans

Brows are possibly the greatest struggle when it comes to my face. My brows and I have been through some stuff over the years- from the years of letting them grow free and wild to the years when I completely plucked them off and never filled them in, they truly have been to all the extremes. They’re still not quite there, but “Better Than Average Brows With Gosh and Make Up Revolution” was a bit of a rubbish title and I just really want to tell you about the products I love using recently.

The Endless Quest For Perfect Brows

I’ve tried just about everything when it comes to filling in my brows; powders, gels, pencils and eye shadows across the board have tried and failed to tame my (for some reason) curly brows. The answer, I learned at the start of this year, is to sort of back comb them before trimming them down and filling them in. I know it sounds weird. It probably is really weird, but it works.

One product I found and have now repurchased countless times is the Make Up Revolution Brow Arch And Shape. I’m less loving of the pen end nowadays, but the crayon end is super soft, super blendable and an absolute winner. I just fill in the bottom parts of my brows and spoolie it on through.

No amount of good crayon stops my brows bristling in the wind though, and so a gel is absolutely needed. I long for fuller brows but my own natural brows can’t be trusted to grow out too much in case someone mistakes them for side burns. Enter Gosh’s Defining Brow Gel, a glorious tinted brow gel that defines and tames my unruly brows. It has pretty fab holding power too- even on my longest work days they stay nicely in place and have even garnered compliments from even our grouchiest looking customers.

Have you tried either of these products?

Brianne xo

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