Life Lately #4: Some Updates, Changes and Shuffling with Brianneetc

Hey guys! I’m pausing regular posting to have a quick natter with you (again, I know, I’m sorry). You may or may not have noticed that lately my regular 3x per week schedule has slipped up a little. July was a crazy month for me, working as many hours as physically possible to prove itRead more

Perfect Brows With Gosh and Make Up Revolution

*Both Products suitable for vegans Brows are possibly the greatest struggle when it comes to my face. My brows and I have been through some stuff over the years- from the years of letting them grow free and wild to the years when I completely plucked them off and never filled them in, they truly haveRead more

A £1.50 Beauty Tool To Clean Your Brushes In Minutes

Brush cleaning? Bah. If you’re anything like me, you hate to clean your brushes. It drags, it’s boring, and probably one of the least favourite parts of make up. We’re all forever looking for some miracle invention to do it for us (failing that, a brush cleaning service much like a dry cleaners- there’s probably aRead more