3 Ingredient Vegan Brownies

You know those days where you just want to eat everything in sight? I had quite a few of those after Christmas when I was trying to actively stop eating everything in sight as I had for about two straight weeks. The good news is that brownies are a thing. The better news is thatRead more

Chilli and Coconut Soup Recipe

Sometimes, you just need to eat soup. Chilli and coconut soup, to be exact. As 2016 rolls in I am more than sick of the sight of food. I stand by that you can never eat too many potato products, but all the extra sweet treats and general foodie overload has done me in aRead more

The Best Products From Lush – The Unsung Heroes

*Salt and Peppermint Bark (v), Jason and the Argan Oil (v), Soft Coeur (contains honey), Pumice Power (v), Miles of Smiles (v) Veganese (v) Dirty Deal (discontinued) When we talk about the best products from Lush, you most likely think bath bombs, bubble bars and face masks (don’t we all) but since losing my bathRead more

A Favourite Green Smoothie Recipe

I’d be lying to you if I said my last week off work has been productive – instead I’ve found myself addicted to Rita and The Bridge on Netflix, because who doesn’t need a good Scandinavian drama in their life? It takes me back to wanting to learn Danish and reminds me constantly how hardRead more