Organic Surge Superfresh Deodorant

Organis Surge Superfresh DeodorantDeodorant is maybe one of the less glamorous things in your bathroom to talk about, but here we are. Since going cruelty free and vegan, I’ve really shied away from natural deodorants because I just can’t face the idea of them not quite working. I’m a stick-to-what-you-know gal, and my Mitchum and Superdrug’s own has done me just fine over the years. You’ll catch me picking up new brands and staring at them for a few minutes before sticking them back on the shelf and walking out with the same product I always buy.

On a separate note, I’ve also been spending a lot of time in TK Maxx recently (you might have guessed if you saw my last post). They have been killing it with all the CF/organic/vegan brands recently so I’m constantly snooping about for new finds.

Most recently I’ve come across Organic Surge and their Superfresh Deodorant. It took three trips to TK Maxx before I actually purchased it and even then it sat on my cabinet mocking me for a few days afterwards.

I have been pleasantly surprised.

Superfresh Deodorant’s  list of benefits speak for itself; 98% natural ingredients, aluminium and paraben free, 100% vegan, and full of refreshing essential oils and deodorising ingredients. Bergamot, combined with mandarin and Sicilian lemon makes this deodorant smell glorious, though not overpowering. It’s not something you smell strongly on yourself all day. I was nervous that this product would let me sweat it out all day but again was presently surprised to find that the addition of May Chang oil generally keeps the excessive sweats at bay. Even when I’m hauling ovens around at work.

Perhaps the nicest of all is that it’s probably the least irritating deodorant I have ever used. Just shaved? No worries. Letting it all grow out? Still fine. My underarms are so much more hydrated and less itchy/irritated than they ever have been.

Have you tried anything from Organic Surge before? What’re your favourite deodorant options?

Brianne xo

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