Naturigin Hair Dye – Testing Vegan Hair Colours.

Naturigin vegan hair dye

When I first posted my review of Lush’s Caca Brun as a hair dye, it quickly became one of the most mixed-review products I have featured on my blog. I’ve had feedback on Twitter, in comments and Instagram asking if it even worked because a number of people found it did nothing. If you read through the post you’ll see I really did like it, but it did highlight the need for me to try out some other vegan hair colours. That’s when I stumbled on Naturigin hair dye.

Naturigin are a brand dedicated to all natural hair colour – vegan friendly and with no animal testing involved, it was right up my street. I found them originally on The Bloggers Hangout and promptly got in touch, and they were kind enough to let me choose a shade to try out. I chose Dark Coffee Brown as I wanted to darken my hair a little – I’m not a massive fan of my natural hair color of late as it seems to make me look particularly washed out in spring, so it was the perfect opportunity to give this a go.

Naturigin cruelty free and vegan hair dye

Naturigin Hair Dye Application

Naturigin dye applies much like your typical box dye: you mix the colour in a squeezy bottle and apply through your hair as you’d expect to normally. I did find the consistency a little thinner than your average box dye but I found this only made it easier to apply overall (though I didn’t realise at first and manage to drip it down my face). Although it’s thinner during application, the formula is very much non-drip once it’s on your hair and lasts the full 30 mins development with minimal dripping. Thankfully it also doesn’t set your hair like a rock either.

Naturigin vegan hair dye

Maybe it’s just been too long since I used a traditional box dye, but I did also find this pretty easy to wash out too. You don’t get so much of the awful coloured run off that I usually find runs off my hair for days afterwards, which is a joy, and because it doesn’t set on your hair it’s pretty easy to massage out.

The Colour Lock surprised me a little – I expected it to be much the same as the standard conditioning treatment you get in your usual box dyes but instead it’s something akin to a shampoo (smelling pretty darn good too).

Afterwards I followed up with a hair mask because my hair always tangles during any kind of colouring, and I didn’t fancy ripping half my hair out.

The Results:

I’m actually really, really pleased with my final colour. Even Liam was later surprised with how gloriously silky my hair was and even in it’s natural dried frizzy state it was so, so shiny. The colour is a deep, dark brown which I personally love (mostly because I think it’s more flattering on my skin whether I’m pale or fake tanning). For the first time in an age I also got a ton of compliments at work on my new colour (bonus!).

Naturigin vegan hair dye

Previously I had a lot of different shades in my hair and have been using a henna colourant for a while now so I thoroughly expected this to go wrong somehow, but the coverage has been fantastic and in different lights this colour is particularly multi-tonal. A faint red sheen from all the henna still glows through in very bright sunlight but it’s an effect I’ve fallen in love with.

naturigin cruelty free hair dye

The part I’m honestly the happiest with is that my hair doesn’t feel like it’s been torn to pieces by the dye. You know the feeling of your hair after a cut and colour in a salon where you can’t stop touching your hair? That’s exactly what I’ve been left with. It doesn’t feel stripped or raw the way most box dyes leave your hair, and even better it didn’t leave my hair smelling of that nasty dye smell thanks to all the natural ingredients.

Naturigin vegan hair dye

Naturigin is stocked in Lloyd’s Pharmacy which unfortunately isn’t local to me, but it’s also available online in their store. There’s a huge shade range and I am so excited to try some more in future!

Have you ever tried Naturigin? What shade would you like to try?

Brianne xo

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6 thoughts on “Naturigin Hair Dye – Testing Vegan Hair Colours.

  1. This colour looks so gorgeous on you, Brianne! I tried the Lush henna but it didn’t really make a difference, it just made my hair a little glossier – fortunately they’d given me a sample so I didn’t waste any money. I might have to try one of these dyes instead 🙂 xx


    1. The henna definitely seems hit or miss! Naturigin was a definite change and they have so many lovely shades too so I’d definitely recommend picking one up 🙂 I missed my dark hair! xx

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