My Thicker Fuller Stronger Shampoo & Conditioner – In Review

My Thicker Fuller Stronger Shampoo - In Review

Ah, the quest for perfect (or at least above average) hair continues. An issue I’ve been having is that I find products that work for a little while, and then my hair kind of rebels after a few weeks and turns into a lank, greasy mess every time I wash it. Every time I think I find a product I like, my hair kind of goes to pieces a little while later.

Next on the epic list of products I’ve been trying to tame my hair with has been these two bad boys from RPR. I’ve tried products from the same company before (see also {LINK}), and I enjoyed using it but found my hair got a little tangly when I used it.

Thankfully that hasn’t been the case with these guys.

Some background on my hair: my hair clearly wants to be thick and wild but years of battering it with dyes and heats have left me with some real lacklustre hair. It’s kind of on the thinner, flatter side but still has a lot of weight to it, which means you can really see when it’s oily looking.

I don’t like to wash my hair too often because I’m super lazy and my hair dries out mega fast if I do it too much.

My Thicker Fuller Stronger hair care is designed to stop breakage and fall out without weighing the hair down.

My Thicker Fuller Stronger Shampoo

The shampoo really gives a nice balance of thickening and uplifting without leaving my hair super tangled or dry afterwards, so it’s a win for me.

It is quite a purifying shampoo that stimulates the scalp – so it’s excellent for taking away any buildup from your hair – but the downside for me is that you do have to wash quite often.

My Thicker Fuller Stronger shampoo is vegan-friendly although it does boast quite a hefty and complicated ingredients list. I don’t find that I need a lot of product to cover all of my hair and it lathers into a thick, luxurious foam. One bottle of this, although quite small, has lasted me a good while.

My Thicker Fuller Stronger Shampoo - In Review

My Thicker Fuller Stronger Conditioner

My Thicker Fuller Stronger conditioner is a lovely follow up too. It’s quite a thick, creamy formula that adds a kick of moisture without being too heavy.

I’m always a little dubious with conditioners as I hate the feeling of heavy hair with that post-conditioner residue. There’s none of that with this product thankfully.

I apply it through the lengths of my hair (though not often to my scalp directly) and leave for about 5 minutes while I finish showering, then rinse.

I use considerably more conditioner to coat my lengths than I needed with the shampoo, but it has also lasted a while and I don’t find myself needing to pile it on the way I do some other conditioners.

The conditioner is also vegan-friendly.

After the first few uses, I definitely noticed a difference in my hair. It felt much more voluminous and definitely felt thicker. I’ve noticed less dead ends and my ends feel much more conditioned overall.

Both products have a very pleasant scent (they remind me of how I remember salon products), but it doesn’t get overpowering or linger in my hair for too long.

As time has gone on I definitely still enjoy using both products but I alternate them with some John Masters products I’ve been using. I think because they are so purifying to my scalp, my hair kind of goes into overdrive and gets greasy/lank super quickly. With regular use, I was starting to find myself washing my hair more and more often, and it was turning into a bit of a cycle (I don’t blame the products for this though, just my weird hair).

You can pick up My Thicker Fuller Stronger Shampoo (£12.95) and Conditioner (£13.95) from Boots.


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2 thoughts on “My Thicker Fuller Stronger Shampoo & Conditioner – In Review

  1. My hair is exactly the same – I find something that my hair likes and it rebels after two or three months. A few months ago I tried out a shampoo & conditioner by 100% Pure and my hair absolutely loved it, I don’t know if it would have rebelled but shipping all the way from the US is such a pain. I’m currently trying out Dr. Bronner’s castille soap and hair rinse.

    1. Ooh I’d love to hear how you get on with Dr Bronners! I’ve debated it for a while and always regret not picking some up xx

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