Cruelty Free MUA Base Products: 2 Bargain Choices

*Matte Perfect contains petrolatum, and as far as I can tell from the ingredients Hydro define is vegan. You can see the ingredients list here (feel free to correct me, I’m still learning!)

When you’re all out of foundation and for some reason can’t get your beloved NYX fix anywhere with ease, you start to browse around and see what’s out there. When it comes to the drug store it’s getting easier all the time to pick up cruelty free products, but foundations have been a real struggle for me. They seem to either break me out, last all of 5 minutes, or cake all over my face (looking at you, Soap and Glory). Which is exactly how I ended up picking up 2 absolute bargain bases from MUA.

Cruelty Free MUA Base Products

When it comes to MUA Base Products there is a whole world of concealers, highlighters, and colour correctors, but actually very few in the way of foundations. Which of course meant trying both of them.

Skin Define Hydro Foundation

If you’re looking for something little more than a tinted moisturiser, this is the one for you. It sinks into the skin well and is gorgeously hydrating- packed with jojoba and vitamin E this has never settled on my dry patches at all. It leaves a pleasant, dewy finish on the skin with absolutely no Edward Cullen glitter in the mix, with is always a plus. Skin Define is perfect for days where I’m being super minimal – if you want a natural, no-makeup finish this is decent with a bit of concealer and you’re away.  I don’t get a great deal of use from it though as it is far, far too lightweight for my skin on the average day.

MUA Matte Perfect Primer

This has been a go-to of mine for quite a while now. I’ve never been one for primers, really, but working long days meant I was willing to try just about anything to make my face stay on and at £4 I wasn’t about to say no. This stuff is super lightweight and not at all slippery or silicone-y on the skin, but sinks in nicely leaving you with a gloriously smooth face ready for whatever is going to go on next. It’s also great at mattifying my face after moisturising in a morning – something I always struggled with and it definitely stops the moisturiser interferring with your make up if you’re in a hurry in the morning.

MUA Matte Perfect Foundation

This is MUA’s version of bringing out the big guns. The formula of Matte Perfect is much thicker, though still not particularly heavy on the skin, with a much better coverage than the Hydro Skin Define. It’s non-sticky, doesn’t transfer onto everything you touch an has a far better lasting power than most drugstore foundations I’ve tried of late. Although it’s supposed to be mattifying it isn’t flat looking at all- it controls your shine in all the right laces without looking cakey, thick or one dimensional. It does smell a little sun lotiony if you get close enough to sniff it, too, but it’s not overpowering.

Overall the MUA Matte Perfect is an obvious favourite of mine out of the two foundations – my only real complaint would be that the shade range for both is fairly dismal. I have a pretty generic skin tone that matches pretty well with enough blending but I do worry that if I tanned or somehow got any paler neither foundation would work for me. That said, if you can pick up a shade match it’s worth giving these a go, at £4.00 for the Hydro Skin Define and only £2 for the Matte Perfect it’s an absolute steal.

Have you given many MUA Base products a go?


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5 thoughts on “Cruelty Free MUA Base Products: 2 Bargain Choices

  1. Thanks for these! Iwasnlooking at these only the other day, im no super into makeup and don’t wear it every day so I don’t feel its worth paying out loads of money on it. It’s so nice to see a review on the super cheap bargains brands for a change 😊 I have to agree about the colour range though, I’m similar and have skin that’s pretty easy to match but didn’t end up getting these because I couldn’t find a good enough match. Xx

    1. I can’t resist a good bargain! As much as I love make up I’ve pretty much always been on a budget so it’s very very rare anything expensive makes it onto the blog haha.
      They need to sort their shade range out though! xx

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