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I have to admit autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons.  No more tanning; no more obsessing shaving of bits of my body that might see the light of day in summer; no more stressing about how no coral lipstick suits me even though I desperately want to.  Autumn is my colour palette – I recently sorted through my wardrobe and realised that pretty much everything I brought with me to autumn was neutrals and berries and burgundy and grey, and nothing makes me happier.  It’s also that time of year I can start cracking out the bold lips and not look like a goth trying to rebel against summer.

What’s in my autumn make up bag?

Autumn Make Up Bag

In autumn and winter months I tend to get a little lazy with my make up and tend to go for very bold, but very minimal look which means, thankfully, slimming down my every day make up bag. Packed away are the millions of highlighting, glow-giving products, the 10 sheer foundations I have to layer up to hide my spots, and the 5 different blushers I alternate between.

Getting Lippy

Instead my autumn make up bag is overrun with the three or four different lipsticks I obsess over constantly. Nyx’s soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam*- a present from Liam last year that he got so, so right; Milani’s Violet Volt** and Black Cherry** – one stunning, bright purple shade and one deep berry for darker, bolder days; and Collection’s Aubergine Kiss (I can’t find an ingredients list for this( –  a deep wine shade that I’ve recently fallen in love with.

Autumn Make Up Bag

Getting the basics…

During autumn I also like to keep the base nice and simple. I’ve taken to skipping powders, and instead the Nyx HD Studio Finish Foundation is an essential in my autumn make up bag – a fab medium to high coverage foundation that really evens out my skin tone, lasts magnificently and is perfectly buildable for everyday wear or evening wear.

Is any stash complete without Collection’s Lasting Finish Concealer***? Fair is a little too light for me during the summer months but during the colder months when there’s less fake tan being tossed about it fits me perfectly, covering blemishes, brightening the under eye area and generally just being a gem. My only complaint is that Collection’s packaging just doesn’t last and it ends up incredibly un-photogenic.

To add a little radiance I love Dusty Girls’ Blush in Pink Ladies***, a lovely pale pink that adds a little colour to my cheeks to give it a bit of life, paired with the Radiant Rod by Barry M*** it offers a really subtle autumnal glow.

Sticking with Collection I’ve recently fallen in love with their brow palette in Brunette all over again(I can’t find a link to the brunette palette even though it’s advertised)- partly because I use the lighter shade to contour my face with (I know it’s weird, but the shade just works so much better for me than pretty much any contour product I’ve tried). I use the middle shade which is still pushing just slightly too dark for me, but it works well for a light brushing through and if I want a heavier brow it works well with the Gosh Defining Brow Gel that I talked about here.

And For Eyes?

For eyes there is only one palette for me- Sleek’s Oh So Special*** which I’ve mentioned countless times on this blog because it’s just stunning. I like to keep it simple using the pretty bronze shade with a bit of one of the matte browns in the crease –  I’m still not over the hinges breaking and so I’ve lost the little sheet giving me the shade names *cry*. A simple cat eye flick never goes down badly either and further to my eyeliner woes of the last few months you’ll be pleased to know I’ve been reuinited with my Collection Fast Stroke.

Since I’ve been pushing or cruelty free recently, every single one of my favourite mascaras have been ruled out and so for now I’m trying to learn to love The Organic Pharmacy’s Mascara** RRP £21.95. Okay, so I got it free with Red magazine or else I would never, ever have spent this amount of money on a product, especially one that I’m really not 100% on. This mascara is wonderfully lengthening and defining, but the applicator is a little too stiff for me and I can’t seem to get the product to actually transfer onto my lashes. I’m hoping as it ages a little it will thicken up, but we’ll see.

Autumn Make Up Bag

Altogether I stick with a fairly basic look- bronzed eyes and bold lips. Sometimes I’ll skip the shadow and go with a very simple lined eye with a much bolder, darker lip shade. The beauty of this little kit is that there’s a ton of options. I’m able to create a super simple “no make up” face, right up to very dramatic, bolder looks that take a little extra time.

What’s in your make up bag this autumn?

*Owned by a testing parent company
**Contains Beeswax
***Suitable for vegans

Brianne xo

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7 thoughts on “My Autumn Make Up Bag | Autumn Beauty

  1. Hahaha ‘ a goth trying to rebel against summer’ That was totally me! But yay for Autumn 😉

    And oh my.. that Sleek palette looks amazing! I must buy that on payday!

    Fab read! 🙂

    Tania x

    1. Haha it’s the only way I can think to describe it! All I want to do is wear my darker autumn clothes and make up but a) I would look ridiculous and b) I’d probably pass out from heat stroke!

      I have Sleek’s Vintage Romance Palette too and they both take a bit of experimenting with shades I’m not so used to but I just love them both so, so much <3


    1. Haha I sort of go into hibernation, aside from dragging myself to work I’ll barely leave the house by winter and just seem to spend it all with perfect make up for a massive netflix binge :’)
      I’ve used fast stroke forever though, it’s never failed me!


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