Mindful Minutes #4: Let It Out With Katie Dalebout

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Journalling is without question one of my favourite self-care practices and one which has had the biggest impact on my overall wellbeing for the last year or so. There’s something very satisfying about flicking back through a book of affirmations, little notes, and doodles – and even more satisfying to be able to pick through some of your issues and find your own answers. But sometimes it can feel a little sticky – fear of not wanting to mess up or simply not knowing where to start can be a big blocker – and for that, I introduce you to Katie Dalebout.

I’ve been a long time listener of Katie’s podcast, and her book Let It Out is exactly what I needed to kickstart my journaling practice. Here’s why you’ll love it too:

The gist: Let It Out takes a few steps back through Katie’s history before diving into a huge range of exercises and prompts you can use for your journal. There’s no necessary order to this, so you can pick the book up and choose at random or choose a specific prompt to work with at any given time.

Why I love it: There are times when journalling can feel like the hardest thing in the world even when you know it’s good for you – sometimes if I’m dealing with a specific issue and I’m finding it hard to deal with it productively, there’s an answer in this book in the form of a journal prompt. From Dream Decoding dissecting your relationship to food, anxiety busters to manifesting, there’s a tool for any scenario to get you flowing and inspired. As time goes on, I’ve found myself relying on them more and more, and using them to come up with new flows of my own. Katie is positive and lovely as she guides you through each of them, and you’ll find yourself uncovering all kinds of joys in your journal by practising with her.

For times when your journalling may be lacking some structure,  you’re looking for a new direction, or even just feeling “stuck”, there’s bound to be something in this book. It’s one I find myself turning to time and time again as I practice, and have developed a varied and useful practice from working through some of these exercises.

Although Let It Out isn’t a self-help page-turner as such, there are helpful little nuggets on every page and you can come back to it, read it backwards, open a page at random and get instant direction at any given moment – and that is exactly what I love about it. It’s easy, practical and all you need is a notebook you like the look of and a pen. Or some scrap paper, your phone, the back of an envelope…

Do you practice journalling? Do you use any specific techniques? Share them in the comments!

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