Mindful Minutes #3: 5 Little Ways To Reduce Your Waste

Mindful Minutes #3: 5 Little Ways To Reduce Your Waste

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One of my bigger goals for 2018 is to really start to focus on ways I can reduce my waste. As a self-confessed former beauty junkie, I’ll be honest and admit that over the last few years I haven’t been most mindful of where my products come from, or where they go when I’m done with them. I’ve been there and done that with impulse buying new clothes when I feel like (usually that end up unworn), and it feels like time to make a change. Since going vegan and cruelty-free, it feels like a natural next step to start taking care of the environment better too. Here are 5 little ways you can start to reduce your waste too!

5 Ways You Can  Reduce Your Waste

Invest in reusable. I’ll admit, I winced when I bought a Keep Cup that cost £16, but it’s single-handedly my favourite reusable purchase so far and a fantastic way to reduce your waste. It comes everywhere with me and is especially handy in places like Pret where they offer a discount for reusable cups. I’m still on the hunt for my favourite reusable water bottle – I bought a couple I saw recommended on Instagram and they broke inexplicably within about a week, and I’ve tried a stainless steel one that ended up getting a little rusty. But it’s a worthwhile investment to keep trying! I’ve also been trying out steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes and hair brushes.

Assess your beauty packaging. Since I’m always mixing lotions and potions at home nowadays I’ve been trying to buy from brands with glass packaging that I can re-use afterwards. This is particularly handy for skincare – I’ve been opting for lots of single-ingredient oils and spray bottles that I can refill easily.

Check out your food packaging. Food packaging is a minefield and unless you live on top of a farmers market and make everything you eat completely from scratch out of ingredients you’ve grown, it’s pretty unavoidable. But I do still opt to buy almost all of my fruit and veg loose now (much to the great annoyance of many a checkout girl). I use these bags from Amazon for produce that I pick up, and I recently bought a pack of 10 tote bags that I keep in my car/handbag so I always have one to hand. I also try to opt for glass jars and bottles over plastic for things like oils, peanut butter, preserves etc, so that I can reuse them for one thing or another later on.

Try out reusable sanitary wear. I’ll be honest the idea of running my sani pads through the wash every month sounds draining and unpleasant, but I am a convert to the moon cup. Plus we’re making big steps! Dame is creating reusable tampon applicator for those who need one and there are endless options for cups and other reusable sanitary gear. For those of us who do bleed this is a huge way to reduce your waste.

Declutter often. I’ve been really enjoying living a more minimalistic life when it comes to my beauty and wardrobe recently, but decluttering often is important. Rather than leaving things to go out of date or crumpled beyond repair, have frequent clear outs and donate, recycle, give away and re-use what you can often.

Meal prep where you can. I desperately need to get better at this for my health as well as my wallet and the environment, but meal prepping is much more economical than buying food out every couple of days. It means you’re probably eating better, there’s less waste involved and you’re saving yourself some dollar.

What are your suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

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