March’s Cruelty Free Round Up: Beauty, Ethics and TV

In the olden days of Brianneetc, I used to do a “Favourite blogs of ___” post at the end of every month. It was a great way to make new blogging friends, and share the love with people who’s work I appreciated. It turns out though, that there is in fact a finite amount of blogs you can discover, particularly after going cruelty free/vegan. It would usually be the same 5 people. Eventually it died out.

However, I do miss sharing the love. So instead I’m trialing a new blog series – a monthly cruelty free round up of all the posts I’ve been enjoying.

March's Cruelty Free Round Up: Beauty, Ethics and TV

March’s Cruelty Free Round Up:

There’s been quite a few blog posts of this nature that I’ve enjoyed this month, but Sarah’s post about zoos hits the nail right on the head. As a former zoo lover, I’m still coming to terms with the truth of what they’re really about (particularly as someone who studied them in depth!).

Steph’s recent post about cruelty free and vegan fragrances was right up my alley – I’ve shied away from fragrances since going cruelty free because they can be a bit of a minefield of dodgy ingredients. The Balm Balm fragrance in this post sounds exactly like something I could fall in love with.

Beth’s post about the vegetarian society is full of info that’s useful whether you’re already veggie or even just considering it. I appreciate that it’s made super easy to read and understand as sometimes it can feel like ALL THE INFO is being thrown at you at once.

If you’re cruelty free and haven’t already heard of Logical Harmony I’d love to know what you’ve been doing. Although Tashina is USA based, a lot of the products and brands she writes about are overseas too and Lush is one of them. Her post features a few personal faves (Cup O Coffee and Veganese have already had fond features here), but it also includes a fab breakdown of what is used in their products to keep them tip top over time.

Again another post close to home for me, but Vivi explains in much more detail than I ever could what really goes on in animal testing labs and exactly why it’s not nearly as effective as we’re often led to believe. This post was not strictly posted in March but I discovered it recently and it’s a fantastic read!

I’m super new to Alinta’s blog, but this post caught my interest because I am so unadventurous with nail varnish since going cf/vegan. It includes a super helpful breakdown  of common ingredients which I appreciate because they usually go right over my head, and a useful breakdown on the difference between cruelty free and vegan polishes.

While I’m not quite on the minimalism train just yet, I’ve been doing heaps of reading recently and I’m coming remarkably close to a full Marie Kondo style clear out of our entire house (I definitely need more than one day to do it though). Nadia offers some super useful (and not completely out there) ways to live less wastefully. I’ll be getting myself a KeepCup!

I’m super new to Jordan’s blog but this post struck a real chord with me. Featuring both lovely illustrations and some rather empowering chat about what it means to be vegan, I came away feeling rather proud and inspired. And it’s not just for vegans! A great read for if you’re even considering the idea.

I’m not nearly articulate enough for film or TV reviews, but Maisie’s post encapsulates everything I would have liked to say about Carnage, a hilarious yet terrifying “mocumentary” which is now available on the iPlayer. A worthwhile read (and watch) whether you’re vegan or veggie or neither.

Not only does Hayley have some insane make up skills that I am extremely jealous of, in this post she shares some pretty sweet skincare treats, including a couple of personal favourites of my own. I’ve also been battling through the same tub of Sudocrem because I had no idea it was cruelty free – I’m glad it’s not just me that uses it for everything!

And that concludes this months cruelty free round up! Who’s posts have you been loving this month?


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3 thoughts on “March’s Cruelty Free Round Up: Beauty, Ethics and TV

  1. Thanks for introducing me to some great new blogs! I didn’t know Sudocrem was cruelty free – I’m so pleased I can repurchase it now! 🙂

    Kayleigh xx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention, Brianne, glad you enjoyed the post! I can see a lot of my favourites on here but there are also some blogs I didn’t know, so thank you for linking to them! Off to check them out now 🙂 xx

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