Magnitone Barefaced: Lets Go Bare

If you’ve followed me for any length of time on this blog you’ll know I have a love-hate relationship with my skin and that my skin doesn’t seem to want to make it’s mind up what it’s even doing, most of the time. One minute I’m zitty and oily, the next my skin is so dry and flaky that you could well mistake me for a reptile if you caught me in the wrong light. Sometimes, part of my face does one thing and another part does the opposite. I could, essentially, be 2 different people depending on which angle you look at me. Let me introduce you to one of my saviours: The Magnitone Barefaced*.

Magnitone Barefaced

Of late my skin hasn’t been particularly bad, but being so up and down is exhausting and I am endlessly glad that this little gadget has stumbled into my life. I’ve always been a little weary of daily exfoliation since the days of using Clean and Clear as a misguided youth, but Magnitone promise that their brush heads are gentle enough for daily use and that you’ll see instant results. If your skin is a little more on the sensitive side, this is compatible with any Magnitone brush head, meaning you really needn’t worry about it overpowering your skin.

Magnitone Barefaced

I’ve seen the hype about these babies – and I’ll be honest I was ready to go into my bathroom with a face full of day old make up and step out looking like a Kardashian (or at least Aria from PLL). That wasn’t necessarily the case but boy let me tell you this was as close to a religious experience as you’ll find leaning over your bathroom sink.

Ultra Gentle On Your Face-Parts

Magnitone Barefaced has two settings designed to “wobble impurities out of your skin” and leave you feeling deep cleansed and your skin ready to absorb any following products with +10 efficiency. The bristles on the little brush head were about a hundred times softer than I expected, too – I’ve used manual cleansing brushes in the past that do help, but also leave me a bit red faced and definitely aren’t ideal for every day use.

I could easily get carried away brushing the day away but another bonus is that the Magnitone Barefaced has an in-built timer to tell you exactly how long you should be spending on each area of your face (complete with a beep which still alarms me even after a week of using it daily).Magnitone 1

I use my Magnitone Barefaced with my Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity- which is thick enough so that it doesn’t end up everywhere but easy enough to use with my cleansing brush. This, along with my Lush Cup O Coffee mask, my Simply Pure Serum and Moisturiser and a whole lot of elbow grease seems to have made up the perfect little skincare team.

Every couple of days I also use the Magnitone Barefaced’s second setting, “Pulselift toning mode” which they describe as a workout for your face to give you “MegaWatt Glow”. Don’t worry – it definitely doesn’t feel like a workout, just an amped up vibration that feels absolutely fab.

I’ve seen some reviews where people have had breakouts prior to using the first few times before it really clears up. For me this consisted of two tiny spots to the side of my nose, that literally went away in a day or so rather than lingering for a year like my spots usually do – so nothing much to write home about.Magnitone 4

Do you get immediate results? Well, I’m still not a Kardashian (or even an Aria), but on thing I noticed right away is that my skin feel like it’s taken a breath of fresh air. My face feels so, so clean but not at all tender or dry, which is a glorious feeling.

And possibly my favourite part is that despite my Magnitone Barefaced being my second/third cleanse, you can literally see the dirt/leftover make up on the brush after cleansing (disgusting and fascinating). I thought I was super-cleansing before!

I have also noticed as the days go on that my pores are much less visible and any dry skin problems I have had previously have definitely started to clear up completely.

Magnitone 3

Magnitone Barefaced On The Go

The Magnitone Barefaced charges by USB but comes with a handy little charging block and a cute little clear bag to pack away the essntials with if you’ll be travelling, off to the gym, or taking your Magnitone anywhere else you might fancy going. It’s completely waterproof so an be used just about anywhere you like, and this also makes the brush head super, super easy to clean. I usually just rinse it out and clean it the same way I would my make up brushes.

Would I recommend? If you can afford the £70 price tag – absolutely. Honestly, I didn’t feel like I really needed one until now, when I can’t imagine my cleansing routine without it (what have I been doing?). If I could go back in time I’d have bought one long ago.

You can see Magnitone’s entire range including the many different brush heads here in their store.

Do you use a cleansing brush? Or would you consider a Magnitone?

Brianne xo

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*My Magnitone Barefaced was kindly gifted to me by Magnitone London as part of the Bloggers Hangout New Year Twitter Party. All views remain my own and this review is entirely in my own words.


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  1. Yes yes! I completely agree with everything you said about this! It’s so good! I finally know how to use the charger so I’ll be digging that back out again this week 🙂


    1. Haha the battery life is actually really good too! I’ve only charged mine once so far and it’s still going strong xx

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