Picks From The Lush Valentines Range

If there was a way to somehow put into words an image of me tossing my arms into the air, the heavens beaming down on me with that angelic singing in the background, that would absolutely be what is here.

Picks from the Lush Valentines Collection

Liam and I moved last July to a place where we finally have a bath. Last year I missed out on the  Lush Valentines and spring ranges, so it was only really over summer that I finally got back into Lush bath products. I spent a ton of time testing out some of their other products though, which you can see here.

You can imagine my excitement at finally getting my hands on a few bath products that I saw other people rave about throughout last year, so despite promising myself that I would wait until February I just couldn’t.

Lover Lamp

Picks from the Lush Valentines Collection

Confession: This is my third Lover Lamp of the year. This is undoubtedly one of my favourites from the collection, packed with cocoa butter & other lovely stuff it leaves my skin so, so soft, and really just makes for a gloriously relaxing bath. The cocoa butter hearts are a nice (but messy) touch –  I wasn’t sure what they were at first until they melted all over my bath and got stuck in my hair.

Lovestruck Bubble Bar

Picks from the Lush Valentines Collection

I have to be honest this is one of the products I was least excited about from the range. I’ve never been a fan of things that look like emojis so I wasn’t struck by the “I must have that” feeling that I get pretty much whenever I walk into a Lush store. If you’re into strong, herbal scents, Lovestruck will be a hit for you (though I have seen people compare it to cleaning products), and it does produce a good amount of bubbles in the bath. I’m not sure it’s one for me though.


*Bad Blogger Klaxon*. I was so excited to try Ladybird that I used it before taking my pictures and when I went back my local Lush didn’t have any out. Which is a shame, as this is also a strong favourite of mine from the range. Firstly, it’s adorable. Secondly, it smells fantastic – a nice touch of peppermint without feeling like you’re climbing into a bath full of mouth wash. And finally there are so many bubbles. So many.

Unicorn Horn

Picks from the Lush Valentines Collection

If nothing else, I wanted to try Unicorn Horn because it clags up my newsfeed at this time of year and I don’t like to feel left out. When someone says Lush Valentines you say Unicorn Horn. However, it looks so pretty I’ve had a hard time bringing myself to use it. Usually I’m not a huge fan of lavender, but this is nicely balanced with neroli and ylang ylang that gives it a nice light, floral scent. I can’t speak for the bubbles though, just yet.

Rose Bombshell

Picks from the Lush Valentines Collection

Rose scents are growing on me, I think. Rose Bombshell is super pretty to look at, and smells absolutely gorgeous being packed with rose and geranium. Every demo I’ve seen has me in love so I really had to pick one up, but I’m saving it for a time when I have the energy to clean up the rose petals afterwards!

Cupid Bath Bomb

Picks from the Lush Valentines Collection

Cupid is an adorable little sweet smellig heart that I am all too excited about. I’m still yet to use it, but every demo I’ve seen has had me doing all kinds of heart eyes. I’m a lover of all things bergamot, so this is right up my alley and I love the fruity scent. I am very much looking forward to using this when Liam is out this weekend!

Prince Charming Shower Cream

Picks from the Lush Valentines Collection

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of this scent. It’s not like The Comforter or Lord of Misrule which I can literally be huffing out of the bottle for hours. I did get the chance to try some out in store though and actually, in small amounts Prince Charming is refreshing, fruity and generally quite lovely. Props for being so foamy and delightful even when you only use a tiny bit.

The Kiss Lip Gloss

The Kiss is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated Lush Valentines products. I was worried it would make my already pale lips too baby pink, but actually this just leaves a really sheer, almost pearlescent sheen on the lips. It’s super moisturising, not at all sticky and although it does eventually wear off it definitely lasts a decent amount of time. It does come off a tiny but gritty at first but isn’t super coarse, and it melts into your lips quite quickly after initial application. Definitely a favourite purchase.

Which bits from the Lush Valentines collection are you loving?

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5 thoughts on “Picks From The Lush Valentines Range

  1. I’m so excited to check out the new Valentines Lush range! I really need to try the Unicorn horn I haven’t tried it before but it looks so pretty! I had the LadyBird last year and loved it it’s so cute and sweet! xx

    – Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

    1. It’s all so lovely! Ladybird is one of my real favourites, I was so sad when there were none left when I went back 🙁 xxx

    1. It’s definitely a treat! Lush is the one thing I really do splurge on often, I try not to go too overboard when there’s not a limited edition range out but some of their skincare/haircare works so well I can’t help myself haha xxx

  2. I can strongly relate to the feeling of fiiinally getting a bath and being able to stock up on LUSH’s special ranges! I’m itching to get a hold of a Lover Lamp and a Unicorn Horn, even putting aside the huge hype on Instagram, they look and smell amazing. But when I smelt the Lovestruck bar in store I was sort of put off, not only is it aesthetically a bit tacky, the smell is too much for me!

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