Lush Haircare: Currently Using

*Both suitable for vegans

Until I went cruelty free I sort of slapped just about anything on my hair. Make up and skincare are my thing – I’m very much a “buy whatever’s on offer and go” kind of girl when it comes to my hair which means my hair definitely hasn’t always been the healthiest. All of that changed when I realised that just about all of my haircare wasn’t cruelty free, and let me tell you it’s been one hell of a job trying to replace it.

My Picks Of Lush Haircare

Having tried a bunch of Lush haircare in the past it was absolutely my first port of call when it came to replacing the basics. My hair isn’t necessarily dry, but is damaged from heat and colouring, and has a habit of getting incredibly oily whenever I try to actually moisturise it leaving me in a bit of a damned if I do/damned if I don’t scenario.

Lush Haircare: Currently Using

After much scrolling of their site and at least an hour sniffing every single product in store I came away with this wonderful little duo.

Jason and The Argan Oil Solid Shampoo

Solid shampoos from Lush are a genius little thing – they last forever making them well worth the money (although they’re not even that expensive to begin with). They’re also packed with good ingredients for your hair and scalp, as well as usually smelling great and being tailored to different hair care needs. Jason and the Argain Oil is no different. If you’re a fan of Rose Jam, you’ll be a lover of the scent, full of rose absolute, argain oil, lemon and geranium oils making for a deliciously floral scent.

Not only that, but Jason and the Argan Oil promises stronger, shinier hair as well as balancing the scalp – supposedly this is great for fair hair especially but my darker hair has been absolutely loving it. The bar lathers super fast in your hands but washes out just as easily leaving no sticky residue but instead perfectly clean, shiny locks.

Veganese Hair Conditioner

One thing I do find with Lush haircare is that my hair doesn’t really need a whole lot of heavy conditioning afterwards. Veganese is absolutely perfect to follow up with. A super light conditioner, Veganese offers agar agar, lemon oil and juice, lavender and rosemary to leave your hair super silky and shiny, while not being too heavy on the hair and weighing it down.

My only real complaint is that natural shampoos and conditioners don’t detangle my hair the way others manage and so I do usually follow up with a detangler afterwards. My hair has improved so much from using these that a bit of detangler is definitely not enough to put me off.

I already have my eye on some other Lush haircare products to try next! Have you given any a go?


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6 thoughts on “Lush Haircare: Currently Using

    1. They’re well worth it! The solid shampoos especially seem to last forever, my bar never seems to get any smaller haha xx

    1. I really love both but I find they definitely take some getting used to! Whenever I switch between natural shampoos and standard shampoos my hir sort of goes all over the place for a few weeks while it balances out again but they’re definitely worth it in the long run! xx

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