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Kitenest All Natural Cruelty Free and Vegan Dry Shampoo On

Since we’ve all learned that Batiste has been toying with us for years regarding their CF status, I’ve been on the hunt for a new dry shampoo. I’m exceptionally picky about them – I want a dry shampoo that gives me lift and some volume without leaving my hair feeling claggy, sticky, or looking powdery white. I want one that doesn’t irritate my scalp or leave me tearing my hair out trying to get a brush through it either.

More recently, natural products have been my go to for just about everything – I’ve switched out my entire skincare routine, alternated between hair care products and generally become a bit stricter about what goes on or in my body (hello, Mooncup).

I digress. KiteNest contacted me a little while ago to talk about some of their products – specifically their all natural dry shampoo.

Powder based dry shampoos aren’t necessarily new to me – I’ve been using Lush’s dusting powders in my hair on and off for years – but when I learned that Kitenest has an option for darker hair I couldn’t resist.

The ethos behind Kitenest is something I can really get behind – all natural products,  vegan options, no testing, recyclable/re-usable packaging and no nasty ingredients. Plus, all of their products are made fresh in small batches right here in the UK.

Kitenest All Natural Dry Shampoo

Kitenest’s Natural Dry Shampoo comes in a cute little cardboard tube – bonus points for being recyclable – and the idea is to sprinkle the product like a salt shaker. I had no issue with getting into the product itself, but I did find that once I’d popped the seal the lid never fully tightens meaning I, unfortunately, can’t take this product out with me – it stays upright at home.

That is my only complaint though. I find this easier to use if I sprinkle some into my fingers, tip my hair upside down and kind of ruffle it through my hair.

The mixture of clay, arrowroot powder and essential oils do the rest of the work for me. I let this sit while I apply what little makeup I do still wear and either brush through or run my fingers back through my hair to shake loose any extra product.

I use this sometimes even when my hair isn’t particularly oily as the powder really does give my roots a good lift and some texture when my hair is lank and lazy. I’m a fan of big wavy natural hair that I’m really not blessed with naturally, so this is a product I’ve been using pretty much every day ever since.

In the past when I’ve used other dry shampoos this way my scalp ends up sore, my hair a tangled mess and my whole house covered in a fine layer of dust, but there’s none of that here. If you were to, for some reason, attempt to run your hand through my hair, you can definitely feel some product there, but it’s not nearly as claggy or heavy as most aerosol dry shampoos.

Also – not to be the weirdo obsessed with the box the product came in  – but Kitenest also packages their product with Vermiculite – the fun golden looking scattering that I’ve been sprinkling through some of my Instagram photos. It’s recyclable in other ways though, and you’ll also catch me sprinkling it in my plant pots in future too!

Kitenest’s natural dry shampoo comes in at £10 for 150g of product – more than a 2 for 1 offer in your local Superdrug but I really mean it when I say this is good value for money. I’ve been using mine every day near enough now for almost 2 months and I’ve barely made a dent in the product – it will last me a long time for sure (and I have a lot of hair!). If you really wanted an on-the-go version too, you can pop some in a travel container and take it on the go anyway.

Have you ever used a dry shampoo like this? I’d love to hear about it!


Brianne xo

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*This post was not sponsored or paid for, but I did receive this product free of charge from Kitenest. All views remain my own.


4 thoughts on “Kitenest All Natural Dry Shampoo

  1. This sounds like a great product and it’s really affordable too (for a natural dry shampoo). I would love to give it a go so this is going straight to my wishlist!

  2. I’m so intrigued by this dry shampoo! I used Batiste almost every other day so I’ve been totally lost without it. I love that this is recyclable (very interesting about the Vermiculite in the packaging, too). I really think I’m going to have to invest, my hair has been so flat and miserable!

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