January Blogging Goals: How Did I Do?

I’m not usually one to shout my goals from the rooftops – partly because I’m horribly embarrassed if I don’t manage to complete them and partly because I’m just not that sort of gal, sorry. I do, however, need some accountability from time to time and this is the first year ever that I’ve set monthly goals for myself – especially when it comes to blogging. I don’t mean to toot my own horn (lies, I totally do), but I do feel like this month in particular I have stepped up certain aspects of my blogging.

Lets start with my goal setting process.

january blogging goals

My goals aren’t necessarily numbers based. Rather, they’re based on things that I feel I personally slack on when it comes to blogging. I have a spreadsheet set up currently to monitor all of my follower counts and stats on a monthly basis, along with a monthly breakdown of what I want to achieve or work on during that period. Not only can I work in small chunks this way, but I can see how it affects my growth, too!

I don’t really keep up with admin too well and I definitely don’t comment as often as I should. When I first started blogging I joined so many chats and by the end of the year I could barely work out when each chat was.

Which brings me to…

January Blogging Goals: Social Month.

My January blogging goals were simple ones – almost all based around social media, sharing and chatting. Something I definitely lacked on and something which was definitely limiting the success of my blog.

  • Join one chat per week
  • Reply to most/all comments with a comment on their blog
  • Update all datapins for posts and Stumble every post
  • Stumble/Pin other people’s posts after commenting
  • Keep Buffer topped up and settle on a Twitter promotion routine that works best

How Did I do?

I have, on average, joined one chat per week although if I miss one week, I usually make it up the next. I’ve actually successfully joined more than one per week, which makes me pretty happy.

I’m also getting pretty good at blog commenting! I try my best to comment on as many posts as I can from my Twitter and Bloglovin feeds, but it’s sometimes difficult on the go and something I’ve found massively helpful has been responding to comments by returning with a comment on their blog too. Not only does this mean I find some cool posts, but I think it helps build a (sort of) relationship with the few bloggers that do comment. From doing this not only am I noticing people coming back more often, but I’m also gaining new commenters too – almost every post I’ve published recently has landed in my top 10 posts in the widget you’ll see to the right.

As for sharing and Stumbling other people’s posts… I’m trying, I really am. I’m not as on top of this as I hoped because it’s not as simple from mobiles, but whenever I’m at my laptop I’ll usually Pin or Stumble them. This one can be an ongoing aim, I think.

When it comes to sharing my own posts I have trawled through fixing and adding datapins, Stumbled them as I post and finally settled on a social media routine using Buffer’s Optimal Posting Schedule – I currently promote my blog or other social media 5x per day. As a result my traffic is more consistent in it’s patterns, my follower count is growing (on Twitter at least, other platforms are definitely slow growers) and I’m interacting much more.

Successful Social Month? I’d say so.

Next Month’s Goals:

I’ve actually enjoyed this post and it’s been playing on my mind for the last few days that since I have individual goals set out per month for the remainder of 2016, I would really like to make this a series on my blog. At the end of each month I’ll do a little round up of all the things I hoped to achieve, how it went, and what my goals for the next month are. You’d better hold me accountable!

February on my calendar is Photography Month; the month in which I initially planned to get my lighting kit and start really focusing on sorting my photos out. As you probably have noticed, I got my lighting kit and so that’s one goal ticked off early, as far as I’m concerned. In the mean time, the three remaining goals are:

  • Find one space I enjoy taking photos in, and work on finding a style I like of my own.
  • Learn to take photos in advance and take more photos to be better prepared.
  • Learn to take pictures of myself.

Though the first two are pretty self explanatory – one of my goals for this year is to get much more personal on this blog and I would love to be sharing more FOTD posts, even just swatching products on myself but I am currently awful at photographing myself. I’m not a great poser, and when I do try to take flattering product photos where they’re modelled by myself, I’m usually so horrified by the photo it’s deleted and never thought about again. So here’s to trying that out.

I think that about wraps it up! What are your blogging goals for this year? How do you plan them?

Brianne xo

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8 thoughts on “January Blogging Goals: How Did I Do?

    1. I’m always a bit rubbish with chats even now! I’ve been trying to work on my social media of an evening when there’s almost always something on so I jump in every now and again 🙂


    1. That’s exactly why I chose monthly goals rather than setting long term! I hope it keeps working for me – it means I never have to focus on one thing for too long haha x

  1. Sounds like you have done really well! I am useless at replying to comments on my blog but I always go and comment on others blogs in return and it has definitely built up to friendships over the months! Photography is another one I am trying to focus on too. I’m trying to build my Pinterest following at the moment but it is a hard one!

    1. Pinterest is so difficult! I’ve definitelt gained more interaction there since sharing other’s posts as I go and making sure I pin at least 5 things per day, but even still my following has only crept up slightly 🙁

    1. I was thinking about this and realised I hadn’t even started tackling this part of my goal! Gave myself a boot and I’ve managed to at least get one or two for an upcoming post, I think it might be baby steps haha

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