Double Chocolate Vegan Cookies: Recipe Testing

It’s been a long, long time since my last foodie post, huh? I’ve been thinking a lot about the food posts I want to create on this blog for the last month or sobecause I wasn’t really sure I wanted to carry on with them. I’m a bit of a shit chef in that IRead more

Vegan Avocado Brownies – Recipe Testing

I am deeply suspicious of avocados. I don’t particularly like their texture, or their taste which means the hailed avocado toast trend is out for me, I don’t like guacamole and the idea of putting them with chocolate makes me shudder a bit. There, I said it. With that being said, I am fond ofRead more

Vegan French Toast – The Perfect Spring Brunch

Spring is coming, and with it comes a world of summer fruits and berries that I have missed so, so much in a morning. When the weather is bright and sunny, Daisy is busy glaring out the window at the birds in our garden and it’s warm enough to finally open every window in theRead more