I’m Conditional: Taking Care Of Your Lashes With Sleek

I'm Conditional

Sleek's I'm Conditional Mascara

For a beauty blogger, I’m really not as kind to my eyes as I should be. I’m forever forgetting to take my make up off, I have an awful habit of picking at my mascara at the end of the day and even if I’m not wearing mascara I rub my eyes a hundred times a day. It’s honestly a miracle that  I have any lashes left at all. Luckily for me, Sleek has my back with their I’m Conditional mascara.

I’m Conditional: A Hug For Your Lashes

I’ve heard a lot about conditioning treatments for lashes, but very few that are wearable every day and that don’t add an extra 10 steps to your skincare/make up routine, which is in part why I love this mascara. It’s quick to apply, and the double-bristle brush means that your lashes really are coated thoroughly. I’ve been using this as my daily mascara for around a month now and I’ve definitely noticed less lash fall out as well as a little lengthening – though not enough length to write home about just yet.

The packaging is very er… Sleek. They’ve gone for a flat out matte black all over, which I thought at first was a little plan but I’m actually loving it – there is nothing I hate more than deteriorating packaging in my makeup bag and this completely eliminates the risk. Sleek always go for chunky, heavy feeling matte black packaging which makes the products feel a little more expensive than they really are.

One thing I will say for I’m Conditional is that the formula is still very wet feeling. With such a big brush and wet formula it does mean that while the mascara is lengthening, I don’t always achieve the separation I like – on those occasions, I just use an old applicator to comb my lashes through quickly between coats.

Another is that although Sleek claim this mascara is very buildable for a dramatic lash look I don’t usually bother – for my daily look this mascara is fine but it does take a little while to dry for me and I feel like it would really take a while to build this into a fuller look.

The mascara does have some staying power though – which is handy for longer days. This has lasted for around 10 hours most on my lashes and I haven’t noticed any flaking (until I start picking, anyway). I’m Conditional isn’t waterproof, which makes it easy to apply but a bit of a nightmare if you spend as much time crying at Netflix shows as I do.

I’m Conditional is available from Superdrug for £7.99.

Have you tried any of Sleek’s Mascaras? What’s your favourite?

*I’m Conditional is not tested on animals – Sleek usually specify if their products use animal derived ingredients but in this case on their site they haven’t. I’m contacting Sleek about this and will update this post if the product is suitable for vegans. Currently, I am assuming this is not vegan-friendly.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Conditional: Taking Care Of Your Lashes With Sleek

  1. OMG I NEED THIS IMMEDIATELY! I’m with you on not looking after my eyes and picking at my mascara. I am definitely buying this! Can you just come down so we can go shopping together and you can introduce me to all of these fabulous products? 😉

    1. You have no idea how much I’m secretly planning this :’) I keep dragging my friend out and making her buy all these things too so we’d all end up skint haha xx

  2. This is really good!! I need this mascara right now.
    I loved this review – really well written and an enjoyment to read!

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