Heavenly Organics – A Minty Fresh Trio

Heavenly Organics Skincare- Mint body scrub, lotion bar and lip balm

I first stumbled across Heavenly Organics on Twitter a few months ago and they were kind enough to send me a 10% discount code for cooing over some of their newer product releases – so this post is quite a long time coming. They offer a sweet-smelling range of handmade vegan, organic skincare products which are also totally affordable and I ended up treating myself to a couple of products which were right up my alley. Having had a snoop at all the new releases since then, I sense another order in my near future.

Tea Tree Facial Scrub

My first port of call was their face scrubs- all of which I wanted – but I settled on their Tea Tree Face Scrub as I’m a lover of a good scrub and being particularly fond of the handmade variety. They offer a few scents but tea tree was for me since my face was/is having all kinds of alarming chin breakouts.

I have to admit my skin is a little too sensitive to use this too regularly as the scrub itself is just a little too hardcore for me, but it does leave my face incredibly soft and works a treat around my nose and chin which often feel congested. The oil in the face scrub is a nice treat for afterwards too, really soothing and moisturising as it goes.

Mint Lip Balm

Sticking with the fresh theme of my order I also picked up a mint lip balm and it’s honestly one of my favourites. It’s the opposite of the thick, buttery balms I’d usually go for, really melting onto my lips and although it doesn’t necessarily stay there for hours at a time, it really packs a punch. It’s fresh minty ingredients leave a nice bit of tingle a particularly as we’re pulling into winter (Newcastle appears to have skipped autumn entirely), this has been living in my handbag/work pockets.

As a side note, I really love applying this under matte lipsticks that get a little bitty on the lips as it absorbs quick enough to be a nice hit f moisture without disrupting those lovely berry shades.

Peppermint Foot Balm

I don’t know how many times I’ve said on this blog that my feet are an utter nightmare and need extra TLC, but here we are again. This little solid peppermint foot balm is a lot like a massage bar from Lush- it melts into the skin and is a lovely companion for a good foot rub at the end of the day, which is always welcome. It also comes in a super cute little tin and is shaped like an adorable little flower- a winner all around.

Have you ever tried Heavenly Organics? Are there other organic brands like this one I should be trying?

Brianne xo

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5 thoughts on “Heavenly Organics – A Minty Fresh Trio

    1. Ah thank you! It’s a really lovely lip balm, I have a few of the others on my Christmas list. They’re especially good for a moisture hit over lipstick as they’re really not greasy or thick at all x

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve had a few turbulent months with moving and work so I am really glad people still enjoy ❤️❤️ I’m hoping things will be back on track soon for more frequent posts!xxx

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