Life Lately #6: Handmade Burger Co & Lush

A while ago Liam introduced me to his friend Nicole, who is about as “me” as can be without actually being me. For the longest time we planned a whole day of shopping and checking out some of the veggie options (mostly just Handmade Burger Co) in the Metro Centre because it’s always a good time to #TreatYo’self.

Handmade Burger Co

Unfortunately the shopping part didn’t quite go to plan – Nicole went to test drive a new car and left her handbag in it (d’you see what I mean when I say she’s like me?) and o the whole day ended up being delayed by a few hours. The result was two starving girls showing up at the Metro 3 hours before closing.

Handmade Burger Co: The Best Burgers

Lucky for us, Handmade Burger Co is one big old, sweet, delicious thing and they have more than enough vegan options to go round. By the time we arrived I’d spent all day drooling over their menu – which they break down specifically for special dietary needs (and I love them for it) which meant that choosing my food was perfectly simple. I’d actually chosen what Ii was gonna eat about 3 hours before showing up – I was damn ready for this burger.

Lush 2

I chose the Cajun Veg and Bean burger from the “small” menu, and sweet potato fries because who doesn’t love sweet potato fries?? Needless to say the meal wasn’t actually small in the slightest. The burger was absolutely perfect and the fries were spot on. And special shout out to Jackie who served us, because she was absolutely lovely even when we dropped one of our drinks in excitement and had to move tables.

Then came the shopping part. We started with Primark because it was closest, where I fell in love with a skirt but didn’t buy because I was trying to exercise self control for when we hit Lush. Then came Superdrug where I swear we spent about an hour admiring Barry M nail polishes and Make Up Revolution’s cheap lipsticks. I have a whole post coming up about B.’s overnight mask, but I did convince Nicole to buy at the time because let me tell you it’s incredible.

Lush 1

By the time we rolled out the shops were actually closing in 20 minutes and where better to spend it than Lush? For once I came away with only one thing – their Beautiful showergel – but don’t be fooled into thinking I didn’t smell every single product in the store. You have no idea how much I miss my bath when the Valentines bath products hit the shelves.

The lateness did mean I didn’t actually make it to Boots to buy the things that I actually needed (hair conditioner, for one) but that can be saved for later. In the meantime it was nice to have someone to gush over products with and you really can not beat that burger.

What have you been up to lately? Let’s chat in the comments!

Brianne xo

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6 thoughts on “Life Lately #6: Handmade Burger Co & Lush

    1. I really go through fits and starts with Lush! Their bath products are amazing but I can’t use them, so instead I just cycle through all their shower and skincare products <3

  1. There’s nothing I don’t love about this post. :’D Pity that the burger place doesn’t have a branch in London, or else I would’ve checked it out this summer, that burger looks delish *__*

    1. Ah that’s so sad! I thought for sure there’d be more down south! Cross your fingers that it comes to your area soon because it was so perfect :’) x

    1. It was incredible! I can’t wait to go try some of the others when I’m off work at some point, my friend tried a different one and said it was amazing too x

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