Getting To Know Myself (And Why I’ll Be Talking More About Self Development)

Getting To Know Myself (And Why I'll Be Talking More About Self Development)

Writer’s block is a bit of a pain in the arse. Writer’s block when you’ve stopped enjoying what you write about is even worse.

Brianneetc was born of me being bored and unemployed and spending maybe a little too much time on the internet. It started as a beauty blog, through and through. Makeup and skincare were everything I enjoyed back then, but the site is now two years old and my love of lipstick is maybe not the biggest thing I have to write about anymore.

I started this year on a bit of a bad note. I was unhappy in my job, my blogging mojo was well and truly gone, and I was deeply unhappy with myself in general. It’s been six months now since I first published a post that expressed how I wanted to start making changes in my life and learn to look after myself a bit more. I’ve dropped hints along the way about this – I posted about Things I’ve Learned From Sarah Knight, which was the start of it all for me, and since then I’ve been talking more about self-care and looking after myself on social media.

I’ve shared on my Instagram that I’ve been enjoying journaling, listening to self-development podcasts, and have been working more with crystals, the law of attraction, aromatherapy and even a little astrology to really get to know myself, and take better care of myself on more of a mind, body and spirit level. It’s become very important to me – I want to be able to share this journey I’m on, and I want to be able to share with you guys things that have helped me drag myself out of a slump I feel like I’ve been in for a few years now.

I love Brianneetc and the opportunities it’s afforded me, and I’m still going to be sharing beauty and lifestyle posts with you guys because I don’t think I’ll ever stop enjoying them, but there’s definitely more to me now than my makeup collection. I want to share things that are truly helpful beyond recommendations for my best foundation. I want to share more cruelty-free tips but also talk about why I really believe self-care goes beyond a bubble bath and a brew.

Getting To Know Myself (And Why I'll Be Talking More About Self Development)

I’ve struggled on and off with my mental health, self confidence and a lot of negative self talk for most of the latter part of my late teens and early twenties now, and I really resent the “just go for a walk” narrative around mental health and self-care, so please understand I won’t be going down that route. But some of the things I’ve been practising in the last six months have slowed and even stopped my panic attacks, taught me to deal with stress and more importantly to recover from it. We all have days where it’s difficult to get out of bed and where every tiny thing feels like a challenge, but I very rarely have days now where I’m paralysed by the idea of leaving the house, or where I feel ill at the very idea of getting out of bed. I feel equipped and ready to deal with things that have been dragging me down for a long, long time now. Most of this progress has come from learning to get to know myself and connect to how and why I sometimes feel certain ways, so I can really start to tackle the route of the issue rather than trying to just get over it and sweep aside whatever I’m feeling.

Things are different since that last post. My work life has U-turned, and I’m really doing very well there. The stressful nature of my job hasn’t changed at all, but I feel like I have a little toolbox of methods to help me get through it now.  I feel like my relationship has changed and my friendships and relationships to my colleagues are definitely changing. I’m inspired more often to write and share on this blog. I just feel like I needed to preface it by saying that I’m constantly changing and growing too, and I think the real reason I’ve been feeling stuck for the past year is that I’ve been almost scared to share my actual journey with you guys who may or may not still read beyond this. I hope you do.

So What Can You Expect?

From now on Brianneetc I’ll be sharing more about taking care of yourself, proper self-love and self-care and maybe even some self-development tools that have helped me along the way, and all the resources I’ve been using. I still want to share cruelty-free beauty – but I’m aiming to be more genuinely helpful than only sharing products I love (or not), so expect to see more resources for that too. I hope this means I’ll be writing more, because I think I’ve really been missing it.

I hope you’ll stick around while I figure it all out!

Brianne xo

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3 thoughts on “Getting To Know Myself (And Why I’ll Be Talking More About Self Development)

  1. I’m so happy to hear you feel better and more equipped to deal with everything, I’m looking forward to reading your new posts! xx

    1. Thank you Beth 💜💜 I’m excited to get writing! I just need my work schedule to be a bit kinder now!

  2. I love everything about this post; after a year long blogging hiatus I’ve experienced a really similar situation to you so I relate so much to everything you’ve said. I’ve followed, thanks for the inspiration x

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