Getting Over Bloggers Guilt

At the start of this year, one of my resolutions was that I would blog at least 3 times per week. It was how I started off blogging, and particularly since I sort of rebranded it’s felt like the easiest thing in the world to get back into. I was full of ideas, inspiration and brimming with so much motivation to be writing and taking photos or cooking every second of my spare time.

And then, of course, life happened.


The honeymoon period of my not-so-new-anymore job was bound to end at some point, and it seemed to sort of crash and burn at the end of April. Easter brought one of the most stressful weekends I have ever worked in retail, and then our entire department was essentially bulldozed and rebuilt from the ground up while we were four full timers down.

The result it that the 2 days off a week that I actually have feel like they’re not actually days off at all anymore and it is just really exhausting trying to catch up on a billion things a day.

bol 2

With it comes the bloggers guilt – I haven’t been nearly as active on social media as I usually am, I’ve barely been cooking or testing many recipes at all and I feel like I’ve completely forgotten how to write. Every post I’ve typed up recently has felt so sub-par it’s embarrassing to even bother posting them, and it’s remarkably frustrating.

With that said, it’s a beautiful day outside, I made the best iced coffee in the world for breakfast and I’m about to take Daisy out to explore while it’s so nice because she keeps trying to climb out the window to fetch her football as I’m typing.

I also found this playlist on Spotify which means we are spending all day having a dance party.


The long and short is bare with me – I have a holiday from work coming up in May (not before working for 11 straight days, mind) in which I’m planning to sort my shit out and climb aboard the blogging wagon once again. In the meantime I think I’m going to organise my wardrobe, clean the flat up a bit and try smash out a few beauty posts for the next week or so.

bol 3

If you’ve managed to read though this utter rubbish, I want to take the opportunity to send you massive love from this side of the screen – I feel right rude for being so slow getting back to people and being so rubbish at keeping up with everyone the way I normally so. The growth in my blog so far has been massive this year and it makes my heart do all sorts of warm fuzzies to see people mentioning me in their favourite blogs, tagging me on Twitter or featuring me on their cruelty free lists and I really really really appreciate it. Normal scheduling will resume shortly, I promise!

And if you were wondering, all the goodies in the pictures are from That Lame Company’s Spring Box of Lame which they kindly sent me from winning a Twitter comp!

Brianne xo

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One thought on “Getting Over Bloggers Guilt

  1. Bloggers’ guilt happens to everyone at some point, I think, you’re definitely not alone! I’m sorry to hear things have been stressful with your job and I hope you enjoy your time off 🙂 xx

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