The Pacifica Cruelty Free Base Products That You Need In Your Makeup Bag

I’ve been dreamily looking through Pacifica’s product catalogue for quite some time now. Their products are so up my alley in terms of appearance and their dreamy names are my kind of thing. I honestly am not sure how it’s taken me this long to get around to buying any. July finally blessed me with three of their products to try out – their Alight BB Cream, Transcendent Concentrated Concealer, and Dreamlit undereye Brightener. Do you see what I mean with the names?

First Impressions: Pacifica Cruelty Free Base Products

On first impressions, I spent a good 20 minutes ogling their pretty packaging. Seriously, they’re gorgeous. Next up I was filled with a bit of concern regarding the shades. Part of what put me off Pacifica for so long was being unable to swatch them, and as a pretty pale person, I was worried their shades wouldn’t be right for me. All three products claim to blend well into the skin, the BB cream in particular boasting shade-match abilities.

On first swatch my worries were eased – they do, in fact, blend seamlessly and all three products seemed to go well with my skin.

Transcendent is a wonderful concealer for hiding blemishes, of which I’ve been suffering quite a few lately (thanks, PMS). It’s relatively thick in texture, but smooth enough to blend easily with my fingers or a beauty blender. It’s not super waxy, so while this is a pretty high coverage concealer, it’s not cakey or heavy in texture.

First Impressions: Pacifica Cruelty Free Base Products

Alight is a lovely, glowy BB cream that I’m pretty much in love with. I love lighter products for the summer months, and so far this has been fantastic. It blends nicely with my skin tone whether I’m wearing fake tan or not, and has a really lovely glowy finish. It does colour correct a little but isn’t super high coverage so if you suffer from a lot of redness you will also need concealer. It doesn’t cling to dry areas of skin, or cake/slip off your face even in the heat.

Dreamlit is much more peachy in tone for the under-eyes and does a great job of brightening the area. I’m lucky in that I don’t suffer a lot with dark circles, but my eye area does tend to look a little dull and this sorts it right out. Dreamlit is a little lighter in consistency to Transcendent, so it blends nicely under the eyes without any tugging or pulling at the skin, and it’s not super shiny or glittery either.

All three products last well on the skin – I rarely use powder with them and just set them with some rose water instead, and I’ve found them to hold on pretty well. Obviously, as they’re not all super high coverage I don’t finish the day with doll-perfect skin, but they hold their own in the summer heat and last through the majority of my days nicely.

 What’s in them?

Transcendent: Coconut Water, Ginseng and Sweet Iris.

Dreamlit: Jojoba, Rose, Sea Kelp and Sweet Iris.

Alight: Coconut Water, Damascus Rose, Jojoba and Sweet Iris.

All three products are cruelty-free and vegan.

First Impressions: Pacifica Cruelty Free Base Products

How to get them

Alight: £16.99 (currently out of stock, but it will be back soon!)

Transcendent: £15.99

Dreamlit: £15.99

Would I repurchase: Absolutely.


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3 thoughts on “The Pacifica Cruelty Free Base Products That You Need In Your Makeup Bag

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand! Love finding new vegan and CF brands thanks for the heads up, will def look into these! x

  2. I’ve been using some products from Pacifica recently too and I’m obsessed! The packaging is just gorgeous and everything works really well. I’ve been loving the Transcendent Concealer too and I’ve got my eye on Alight after reading this, it sounds lovely 🙂 xx

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