February Blogging Goals: How Did I Do?

God, it doesn’t feel like an entire month has passed already. I know everyone says that, but suddenly I’m feeling that a month is not nearly enough time to accomplish all I’m trying to do in a month.My February Blogging Goals were all to focus on my photos and other blog imagery – be that the photos I share here on Brianneetc, on my Insta (cheeky plug), or as promotion on Twitter.

February Blogging Goals

My February Goals were as follows:

  • Find one space I enjoy taking photos in, and work on finding a style I like of my own.
  • Learn to take photos in advance and take more photos to be better prepared.
  • Learn to take pictures of myself.

Originally my goal was to get a lighting kit and work on improving my photos that way, but I invested a little earlier than planned and so by the time to work on my February blogging goals actually rolled around, my goal was more to work on composition, structure and overall content. I wanted, in essence, to be taking photos that I really would be wanting to look at, rather than feeling a bit meh about them.

By no means was I hoping to become a master photographer in a month, so forgive me for still having a long way to go.

Find A Space:

I currently just use a cheap white coffee table that Liam picked up from Argos when we first moved to get the white background you see in my most recent photographs. I set this up in front of the couch, which Ii do a bit of an awkward crouch/squat on, while having one of my lights set up on either side of the table. If you could see me, it would be hilarious, but it’s not the type of image I’m quite ready to share yet (mostly because while my photos are looking tidier, the flat isn’t).

I still use my iPhone, and use a super cheap and nasty lighting kit from Ebay (which has not yet blown up!). The kit itself isn’t available anymore but there’s others that are very similar and in a similar price range (I literally payed about £30-40, no shame). It’s cheap, but still probably one of the best investments I’v put into blogging so far. Goodbye, sun troubles!

The only other props I use are occasional wallpaper samples and stuff I get free from wok (bless you, B&Q). I then use the same editing process on every photo and Bob’s your Uncle.

February Blogging Goals

Take In Advance

There really isn’t much to say about this photo but, generally speaking, I’ve taken to planning my month in blog posts at the end of the prior month (so March’s calendar will be penciled in by the end of Feb, for example). This means I know roughly which photos I’ll be taking well in advance, and I take all of my photos for my beauty posts in one huge, bulk sitting. I tend to take my foodie photos as I go since cooking that much food at once would be nothing short of a disaster.

As for taking more photos – I definitely am, unless I feel like a post just doesn’t need tonnes. If it’s a post I feel needs a little explanation (like my cruelty free post) – I’ll edit up a Pinterest image that explains what the heck is going on. I don’t do this for every post, even though I probably should because to be honest, I don’t really like text on images too much.

Take Photos of Myself

My final in my list of February blogging goals came at a time where I feel thoroughly uncomfortable in my own skin and it was always the most challenging goal I had set anyway. I hate taking product photos on my own face, I don’t feel like I can photograph m hands or arms in a way that makes then not look like claws and full body shots are my idea of hell.

I did, however, get this snap for my last Lush post, and I don’t hate it. I’ve also started to make sure that I take product swatch photos even with my weird hands.

February Blogging Goals

Onwards and Upwards

I can’t believe I’m actually typing this.

March’s goals were largely numbers based and while I expected to see some slow improvement in my blog stats and followers, I didn’t expect that I would have exceeded every single one of my goals for March before I had even reached it. With this in mind, I’m having to adjust a little. I’m not planning on shooting too high as I’m already over the moon that I’m at my YTD target already.

I’m not sure how much is realistic to expect in a month given that it’s taken me the better part of a year of blogging to reach this point, so I’m not getting too ambitious here. In March I’d like to see:

  • 1.5k Twitter followers (+~50)
  • 300 Bloglovin Followers (+~40, and I always find BL difficult)
  • 250 Insta Followers (+~40 or so, and again I find Insta fairly hard).
  • I’m also adding it as a goal, or maybe a task, to audit all of my social media. I try to do this pretty often anyway but struggle to set the time aside for a thorough combing over.

So March is the month for working super hard on my social media. Got it.

Did you have any goals this month? How did you do?


Brianne xo

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