Favourites of 2015: Skincare, Bodycare and Make Up

I feel like these posts are going to be coming thick and fast over the next few days, but what’s one more between friends? I’ve not really been feeling monthly favourites over the last few months because they’ve involved an awful lot of general settling in and not a lot of new products. As I stood over the sink in the kitchen attempting to tackle the masses of Christmas dishes, I realised there are actually quite a few products I’ve been going back to time and time again this year and they are definitely deserving of a mention in my favourites of 2015. And now here we are.

Favourites of 2015: Skin Care

Favourites of 2015


The first that springs to mind for me is Superdrug’s Simply Pure range in a very word-association-fashion. As 2015 draws to an end I am finally, finally settling into a skin care routine that has my skin as flawless as it’s ever been and honestly, the biggest changes came when I switched to the Simply Pure Moisturiser and Serum. I have an entire post about them so I won’t ramble too much, but they’re an absolute bargan and a get a hearty recommendation from me.

When it comes to cleansers Soap and Glory have definitely converted me this year and if I had to choose any it would be their Peaches and Clean that I talk about here. I actually haven’t used a single other cleanser to remove my make up since writing that post, and I’m still as in love with it as I was then.  Delicious smelling, as gentle as can be on the skin and definitely one of my favourites for tackling stubborn make up, this definitely deserves a spot on the Favourites of 2015 pedastal.

If you want to talk masks there is only one for me and that is Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty that has so far only had a few passing mentions on the blog (let’s fix that in 2016, please). I’ve used this far longer than just this year and it’s honestly one of the only Lush products I will never, ever allow myself to be out of stock of. It’s a wonderfully minty remedy for days when my skin is bad, helps to clear and prevent blemishes and if you let it ry enough you can massage it into an exfoliating mask too. Does it get better than that? Well yes, because my skin doesn’t feel as tight as my pants did after Christmas Dinner when I use it either.

Favourites Of 2015: Make Up

Favourites of 2015

The first product to spring to mind is my current foundation:  Gosh’s X-ceptional Wear (I use the shade Sand). I feel like the release of their Foundation Drops has overshadowed this wonderfully simple little bottle, but I prefer the extra coverage and just keep coming back. I’ve been on a mission this year to find a new foundation and from the moment I blotted this in I had a eureka moment. I barely need concealer because it is flawless on the skin, lasts all day and isn’t sticky, cakey, blotchy or slippy on the face. There’ll be a whole review post coming in the new year when I repurchase because my current bottle is suffering from the sticky mis-placed security tag (thank’s Superdrug). Honorary mention goes to MUA’s Matte Perfect foundation mentioned here.

The end of 2015 also brought me to the one thing I’ve been searching for for my lips; the perfect work-friendly nude. My criteria are simple: must be matte, long wearing, not too bold and not cripsy as heck. Enter the Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit, my one true lip love. I have literally wore this so much in the last few months that I need a new little tube soon. The applicator is stiff enough for a nice, even, neat application and the kiss of colour lasts all day. It’s the perfect “yes I am wearing lipstick but not enough for my store manager to bollock me” lip, and although reapplication is easy enough I very rarely need to. Hello you beauty.

Honorary lipstick mentions go to Sleek’s True Colour Range (a fave of mine is Dare), Milani’s Colour Statement in Black Cherry (a personal favourite), and Make Up Revolution’s Salvation Velvet Rebel (you can never have too many purple lips, my friends).

Collection’s Gorgeous Glow brick is perhaps not the most luxe, expensive product but it certainly wins in the versatility stakes. In this lovely little brick you’re blessed with the perfect shades to highlight, do a big sweep for blush or use the individual shades as a mini-eyeshadow palette – and it’s one I’ve been grabbing pretty much every day for work. Who needs space consuming palettes and pots? Not me. When I can be bothered with separate blushes Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso is the one for me although for the latter half of the year I’ve gone bolder with a bit of Sleek’s individual blush in Flushed.

2015 was all about brows and for that, Sleek once again have you covered. I’ve flitted between brow products all year attempting to find one that really works for me, and I found it in their Brow Stylist (I use the shade medium). It’s everything you need in a brow product: a nib of waxy pencil shaped perfectly to fill and define, and a big old spooly on the other end to comb it all through, I still usually top off with Gosh’s Brow Gel mentioned here –  and that’s brows done and done. It makes styling them quick and easy, and is just about the perfect shade for me. No more over-bold dark brows on this face.

Favourites of 2015: Body Care

Favourites of 2015

Body care is often neglected here on Brianneetc and that’s something I’m starting to regret. I’m a lover of a good body butter and I experiment with so many body washes and scrubs you’d be right in mistaking our bathroom for a Boots aisle.

It wouldn’t be a favourites post without talking about Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush range which has pretty much been my go to all year. I love the sugary-limey scent and you can’t beat it for being refreshing, moisturising and completely delicious. I’ve recently run out of that though and have since been loving Pulp Friction and Butter Yourself.

It would be straight up wrong of me not to throw a mention to Superdrug’s Vitamin E body care range, as well though. Their sugar and oil scrub is just about everything you could hope for, and their intense body creams are super soft and moisturising without the annoying stickiness that means you can’t get dressed afterwards. A second honorary mention in moisturising goes to No7’s Pampering Body Oil that I actually picked up when I worked there – it’s a treat for post-shaven legs.

And I think we’ll finish up there before we go on forever! I hope you enjoyed my Favourites of 2015!

Before I sign off I want to thank you all for joining me on what has now been eight whole months of Brianneetc! It feels like forever already. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have just as much fun over New Year – I’ll be back in January bringing not just one but two posts a week from now on (I miss blogging a lot!). If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in this little corner of the internet don’t hesitate to let me know! You can leave a comment here, tweet me or if you’d like it out of the public eye you can drop me a message through my contact form which is here.

Happy New Year!

Brianne xo

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4 thoughts on “Favourites of 2015: Skincare, Bodycare and Make Up

    1. It’s so good! I love the smell more than anything, it’s super refreshing and I always feel so awake afterwards. It’s really handy for tackling breakouts too, and they have a self-preserving version now too! x

    1. Peaches and Clean seems to last forever! I’m getting a bit panicky now I’ve used more than half of it but I’ll definitely be buying it again, it’s so lovely. Give Mask of Magnaminty a go, it’s lovely and lasts forever 🙂 xx

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