Faith In Nature Skincare – A Saviour For Smooth Skin?

I disappeared again, didn’t I? Oops. Shortly after my last post, the wonderful folk at Faith In Nature contacted me offering me the chance to try a few of their products. In my absence from blogging, I’ve turned down quite a few really excellent opportunities from wonderful cruelty free brands, feeling a bit like I can’t commit to anything “just in case”. I’ve since given myself a bit of a talking, and instead of drooling over gorgeous products before turning people down, I actually went and chose a couple.

Faith in Nature is a BUAV approved cruelty free brand who have a huge catalogue of vegetarian (mostly vegan) products for your skin, hair, household and pets. They believe in the power of plants – their products contain absolutely no nasty additives or preservatives. Even better,  their transparency regarding their ingredients and ethic is more than a little bit refreshing, so their products are a perfect fit for a blog like this one.

Faith In Nature
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I was sent two of their products to try –  the Rejuvenating Face Wash and the Exfoliating Face and Body Polish.

The rejuvenating face wash is one of the loveliest products I’ve tried in a long time – a bold statement, I know. It smells gorgeously refreshing, and though it foams nicely on your face it doesn’t feel at all drying or dehydrating afterwards. In fact it actually leaves your skin super soft and feeling as if you’ve just moisturised. I use this as a second cleanse, and it does a brilliant job of taking off any scraps of make up and grime from the day. An unexpected result is that it has also done a really fantastic job of calming my spotty chin down. It’s restored a sense of balance to my skin that I’ve been fighting for a long time to get back.

Faith In Nature

The exfoliating face and body polish is equally as lovely –  there’s nothing harsh or hardcore about it, with no microbeads or tough exfoliants. Instead it has a gorgeous creamy texture and is incredibly gentle on the skin while still being smoothing and clearing. I’ve been a bit sensitive to exfoliating products since my psoriasis, but this product is so gentle and barely scented that it’s slotted into my skincare with no issue at all. I use this every couple of days just to perk my skin up a little and can’t speak highly enough of it.

Faith In Nature

Both products I was sent are suitable for vegans, and come with impressively simple ingredients lists. Another thing I loved is the break down of ingredients – if you’re vegan you’ll be familiar with trawling lists of ingredients you barely understand – but Faith In Nature helpfully break down their lists. Being super transparent regarding their origin and what they actually are which makes the process incredibly easy.

All of Faith In Nature’s super affordable products are available from their website.

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  1. Yay! You’re back! I love the sound of both of these, although the exfoliater looks amazing! I must give that a try 🙂 xx

    1. I’m getting there! I finally have a decent photo set up in the new house so I can stop feeling so awful about all my pictures haha!

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