Fair Squared Coconut Body Scrub & Lotion

I’ve made no secret of the fact that recently I’ve been trying to use much more natural, ethical products for my skin and body, so you can imagine my excitement when Fair Squared got in touch to let me try a couple of their products. Fair Squared use natural, organic, fair trade ingredients, and are all vegan and cruelty-free. Not to mention, their range is absolutely massive! With a huge range of scents to choose from with a variety of ethically sourced ingredients, I was a little overwhelmed by their site when I first started to browse, as they cover basically any body care product you can ever imagine needing (including condoms!).

I eventually chose their coconut body scrub* and body lotion*. These perfect for summer time, with their sweet coconut fragrances (all natural, of course).

I was a little surprised by the consistency of the body scrub – most I use are quite oily and coarse, but this one is much more gentle and liquid in consistency.  The sample I received came in a screw lidded tub which made things a little difficult to use without being messy, but the full size comes in a pump bottle which I imagine would be much easier. The coconut flakes are so gentle, there’s no scratching or irritation when I use this and the oils used are super softening.

This is maybe not coarse enough for an intense exfoliation, but works nicely as an everyday scrub and keeps my skin in nice shape. There’s no greasy residue, just soft, soft skin.

The product I’m truly in love with though is the body lotion.

Fair Squared’s coconut body lotion is the lightest, most lovely lotion I’ve used for a long time now. It’s super light in texture, easily absorbed and non-sticky, so it’s a gem to use before bed or pre-tan. It’s nowhere near as heavy as a body butter but leaves my skin feeling nourished, hydrated and smooth. It’s worked wonders for the dry skin on my legs, and because it’s so fresh and light I definitely take care of my skin more often with it. You can just smooth it in and go!

I find this a lovely alternative to smothering myself with coconut oil post shower for times when I need to not be as slick as a dolphin for the rest of the day (see also: times I need to go to work, go out, see other humans and so on).

Both products retail at £12.95.

You can get the Fair Squared coconut body scrub here.

And the Fair Squared coconut body lotion here.

Fair Squared offer free UK delivery over £10, and at the moment are also offering a free lip balm with every purchase (their flavours look incredible, FYI).

Brianne xo

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*The products described above are PR samples and were sent to me free of charge. This post is not paid for. See my disclaimer for more info.



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