Cup O’ Coffee: Wake Up Your Winter Skin

Lush's Cup O' Coffee exfoliating face mask

*Suitable for vegans

Sometimes I curse myself for saying things like “Oh my skin really isn’t that bad!” – because that’s usually when my skin gets really, really terrible. We’ve had a sudden cold snap here in the north (though people keep telling me it’s not that cold and insists on wearing t-shirts outside – wrong’uns I tell you) – and as a result, my skin has gone wild. Not only am I somehow paler than usual, my skin is dry, flaky, literally peeling off my damn face, and somehow an attractive shade of blue-pink

Friends, I give you Cup O’ Coffee.

I actually picked this up in Lush during the sale period on Boxing Day; blessed with a hefty gift card from Liam and no self-control I galloped around the tiny Gateshead store tossing anything and everything in my basket with abandon, and so I stumbled home with Cup O’ Coffee.

I like coffee. It’s delicious. I like it even better when you can literally put it on your face. My Pinterest-esque coffee mask is somehow my most popular post on my blog to date, if we’re talking ongoing views (bless you, Pinterest).

Apparently, this mask is like a “shot to the face” – and I will admit that it is thankfully not that dramatic (or alarming), but this mask does do wonders for waking you up.

Lush's Cup O' Coffee

Not only are coffee grounds super exfoliating – fab for getting rid of that nasty between-the-brow flakiness I have going on, but the caffeine is great for making you look somehow more awake before the 3 layers of concealer each morning. There’s enough moisture in this mask to leave you feeling soft and smooth as well as brighter, tighter and generally more pleasant to be around in a morning.

True to Lush style this doesn’t just smell of coffee – it’s a very particular sweet-earthy smell which is probably quite off-putting if you’re not so into it (less so if you don’t like the smell of coffee). Imagine your favourite chocolate-coffee combination –  then add coriander oil and vetivert (what even is vetivert?).

For me this has done my skin wonders – the scent really is the products biggest downfall if it’s not your thing although personally, I’m a fan. If you’re suffering from the winter skin blues this one is definitely one for you.

Have you tried this mask yet?

Brianne xo

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19 thoughts on “Cup O’ Coffee: Wake Up Your Winter Skin

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I am starting to feel a bit at risk of becoming entirely a lush blog haha, I could write about their products forever xx

  1. This sounds amazing! I definitely have to try it because my forehead is so flaky right now with the cold weather! x

  2. I had a demo of this at a Lush event a while back and I loved it! Not a big coffee drinker but I love the smell, so it’s perfect for me XD
    Really need to get my mitts on a pot of this once I’ve finished my Mask of Magnaminty!


    1. I’d be lost! I’m yet to find any other face mask that does for my face what Lush’s manage to do (although there are some really lovely masks out there!) x

  3. My mum got it in the boxing day sale as well! I thought about picking it up, but they only had one on sale and I didn’t feel like paying full price, so yeah. Actually, I should ask her what she thought of it. 😀

    1. I can’t even remember if I got it full price or not! I’m terrible haha, I was just throwing things in my basket like a bull in a china shop x

  4. I haven’t tried this mask yet but by the sounds of it I definitely need to, I love lush’s mask although I do find I end up wasting a lot of product since they’re fresh and quite a large size considering the time frame you have to use them.

    Tasha xx

    1. If you’re looking for one that lasts try Mask of Magnaminty! They made it self preserving so it lasts much, much longer. I think Cup O Coffee has a reasonable date on too, it’s not one you need to keep in the fridge or anything and you can use it all over your body too where it’s just as lovely 🙂

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