Cruelty Free Shopping Spree

Since going vegan I’ve also been trying to be more conscious of what I buy and aiming to buy more cruelty free products. I’ve done a ton of reading and it’s honestly surprising how much I owned that already was cruelty free (as well as how much isn’t). I’d eventually like to be buying all vegan-friendly products but for me it’s a bit of a process. Not wanting to waste too much money by binning 60% of everything I own, I’m slowly starting to replace products that run out with things that are cruelty free- meaning it was time for a little spree.

*All products suitable for vegans

Starting with some cruelty free essentials

If you didn’t already know- every single one of Superdrug’s own-brand products are branded with the tiny Leaping Bunny logo- and most are also vegan friendly too. Having recently run out of the seemingly endless supply of Christmas shower-goodies, I was in need of a new body scrub and daily moisturiser. First to hand was the Superdrug Vitamin E Sugar and Oil Body Scrub RRP £4.99, partly because it was on offer (it always seems to be), but mostly because I adore the smell of the vitamin E range and this stuff is the perfect consistency. Not pictured is the Vitamin E All Over Body Cream with Argan Oil RRP £2.99. The tub is absolutely massive and will last forever- and typical of the range has the glorious smell with a hint of argan oil. Though I haven’t been using this for long it’s ultra light in texture and soaks in super quickly.

Hair care is something I’ve never been fussed about when it comes to what I actually use. I prefer lighter shampoos and conditioners for volume, which doesn’t narrow the market down a great deal, and so I usually just grab and go with whatever I fancy. I was fairly disappointed to learn that near enough all of my hair products weren’t cruelty free- so I took to replacing a few bits and pieces that were. My new shampoo is the gorgeous Uplifting Cherry and Fig shampoo RRP £1.99, and the matching Uplifting Cherry And Fig Conditioner RRP £1.99. I’m a bit of a sucker for fruity scented hair stuff and this pair smell divine.

And finally I allowed myself a few skin care bits as well- The B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser RRP £5.45 and the Superdrug Natural Radiance Glycolic Overnight Peel RRP £5.99. Both were on offer and I’ve been searching for the perfect facial exfoliant for what seems like forever- I’m not a huge fan of ultra creamy ones and I can’t stand them being too grainy, so these two fall nicely in the middle.

25p Make Up?!

*Suitable for vegans

I just have to add this bit in. While I was strolling through town I spotted from the corner of my eye that a tiny little drug store was closing down- and that everything was under 50p. Curious, I ended up getting in to find a bucket of Barry M at 25p each. If I could, I’d probably have bought the lot but instead I sifted through and picked out six gorgeous Dazzle Dusts- I’ve used these before and they do have a lot of fall out so it’s pretty essential to do your eye make up before your base if you’re using them, but they’re incredibly pigmented and are as glamourous and shimmery as they come, if that’s your thing.

*All products suitable for vegans.

I also picked up a Radiance Rod- a gorgeous pearly highlighter pencil, and a couple of nail polishes out of the handful that were left. For 25p each.

Do you have any cruelty free recommendations?

Brianne xo

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