Cruelty Free Make Up For Spring

It’s been a long time since I talked properly about make up here, right? I fear I might be getting a little boring in my routine when it comes to make up. Recently I shared on Instagram I’ve basically stopped wearing it most of the time to try and give my skin a breather. Aside from that, I seem to have fallen into a pattern of wearing the same handful of products repeatedly. With spring coming though it’s about time I shared a handful of my favourite cruelty free make up products for spring!

Cruelty Free Make Up For Spring

Nyx Got You Covered Concealer* & Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer(v)

Even though I’ve largely quit makeup for going to the gym/going to work/basically any time that isn’t some kind of actual social event, I still wear some concealer most days. I split my time between Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer for when all I’m doing is covering a few dark shadows, and Nyx’s Got You Covered full coverage option for when I’m looking more than a little tired. Both are great for brightening, but I do find Nyx’s option lasts a little longer during the day.

*From my understanding of ingredients lists I think this product is vegan, but I can’t find it confirmed anywhere online.

Gosh Foundation Drops(v)

I’m a die hard lover of Gosh as a brand and I love almost every product of theirs I’ve tried, so it’s no surprise that I love their foundation drops. This is a super lightweight foundation – almost water like in consistency that blends flawlessly and can be built up if my skin is looking a little meh. I was worried I’d burn through a bottle super quickly because of how thin the foundation seems to be, but the bottle has lasted me several months now and I still have a good amount left. I do find this needs to be applied with a brush rather than a beauty blender though – it’s so thin in consistency most sponges I’ve tried just absorb the whole product.

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit (v)

This is a new addition I decided to try out in the new year as this kit has the most perfect contour shade for my skin tone. The darkest shade in the chisel cheeks kit is for contouring, which I find can either be done subtly or built up for a much more defined look (it occasionally looks as if I have actual cheekbones). The medium shade is the perfect bronzer to add a bit of colour to my pale, pale skin. Both shades blend out nice and even. As for the lighter shade, I’m not entirely sure of it’s purpose as it’s not super lightening on my skin tone nor is it particularly shimmery like a highlight. I do use it most days a s setting powder as it a) matches nicely and b) saves room in my make up bag.

Nyx Single Blush – Dusty Rose (v)

From what I understand, this product is vegan but Nyx’s vegan lists are a little difficult to get hold of – correct me if I’m wrong! This HD Blush is a gorgeous shade for Spring and one of the single reasons I’ve enjoyed wearing blush again. It’s a lovely matte pink – despite it lacking shimmer it definitely gives a lovely rosy glow (clue’s in the name I suppose!).

Cruelty Free Make Up For Spring

The Balm Mary Lou-manizer Highlight(v)

Never have I ever found a highlight I love as much as Mary Lou. When I first started switching to cruelty free makeup I wrote a full review of Mary Lou here, so I’ll spare you the epic rave reviews. This product is a dream in every possible way. It’s not super powdery which makes it easy to control, and is so dazzling you don’t need a lot to make it go a long way. I just about dust myself in this stuff even when I’m not wearing a whole lot of make up to make me look ever so slightly more awake.

The Balm Schwing Eyeliner (v)

I’ve reviewed this previously too, and my only complaint would be that it isn’t super waterproof. I’m no expert when it comes to winged eyeliner but even I find the applicator lovely to use and super precise. Schwing is a jet black formula which gives bold definition, and is liquid enough in formula that it doesn’t give you that awful scratchy feeling that some liners do.

Collection Brow Palette

I’ll be honest I’ve been using this palette for longer than is completely sanitary. I switch often between Sleek brow products (which I adore) and this kit when I’ve been too lazy to sort a new pencil out. There’s some dubious info online about Collection’s cruelty free status and I’d  be at a loss as to whether it’s vegan or not, so until I know for sure this isn’t a product I’ll be repurchasing. This palette gets the job done though. It’s seen me through varying shades of brunette and black hair, blends nicely into the brow and lasts all day.

Cruelty Free Make Up For Spring

Gosh Defining Brow Gel (v)

I’ve used this brow gel for almost the entire time I’ve been using cruelty free make up. I have the brunette shade though my brows are perhaps a little dark for it – it does shape them nicely and hold them in place even in the wildest of winds in which my brows tend to go a little mad. I love that it’s not crispy (I could tell you horror stories about the crusty brows benefit once gave me), but that it keeps everything neat and set in place.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara(v)

This is maybe the third time I’ve re-purchased this product, and I’m still just as in love with it. My natural lashes are maybe a little lack-lustre, but Better than Sex brings them right back to life. It’s applicator is big and fluffy, which catches every lash and somehow defines and gives them volume all at once while holding a pretty fantastic curl. I never thought I’d see the day I would happily blow £20 on a mascara until I worked out that I was using maybe 2 or three different products to get the same results (which ends up spending the same anyway).

What are your favourite cruelty free make up products? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Schwing is my favourite liquid liner, I’ve had mine for ages and it’s still going strong! I’ve been loving NYX recently and I’m so tempted by the blush – it’s such a pretty shade of pink 🙂 xx

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