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I’ve been debating a “what’s in my handbag” post for quite a while now- but honestly the amount of scrap paper, snack wrappers, receipts and for some reason, miniature highlighters that I carry is just a bit out of hand and not really of use to anyone. In the end I decided a handbag essentials post meant I could tell you about all the things without having to share the real crap I actually haul around with me every single bloody day. Is it any wonder I have a bad back?

handbag essentials

The Real Handbag Essentials

Aside from the obvious keys, travel pass case (originally from Paperchase, currently filled with my loyalty cards from a shopping trip) and purse (Primark’s finest), the thing I always, always have on me is a diary of some form. I have 2, both from Paperchase, but this one finishes in July so I’m trying to get as much use out of it as I can. I keep all my work scrap paper tucked in the back pouch, and use it as both a diary and a jotter for basically anything that happens at work, as well as for any rogue blogging ideas that pop to mind during the day. No matter how many times I try to switch to digital calendars, I always lose track and forget things and nothing beats a good paper diaries.

You’ll also never catch me without a pair of sunglasses – these ones are some I picked up at a market in Manchester last year for a fiver (steady on, bargain hunter). I love the shape on my face and they’re blacked out enough for me to people-watch on the bus without being caught.

The lovely ladies at Veeda recently sent me a whole package of their feminine hygiene products* to try out and honestly, I’m in love with their tampons for being some of the most comfortable I have ever tried. I have more about this coming up in a post next week, but when your period suprises you whenever the hell it feels like, then their 100% organic cotton tampons* really are a handbag essential, amiright?

gocustomized phone

And The Fun Stuff

I’m slowly trying to stop shoving my phone in my pocket and being crippled with anxiety of late, so you’ll often find my phone being flung about with abandon in my bag in there too. I’m a bit of a sucker for a good phone case since getting an iPhone (options for my old Xperia were all a bit rubbish). This one is a personalised soft case* (£14.95) from Go Customized. I went with this pretty, very blogger-esque banana leaf pattern because it looks perfect for spring and summer, as well as being cute as hell.  Go Customized make a massive range of personalised phone cases for just about any model of phone, and this one specifically has softer edges that mean my pathetically small hands don’t go dropping my phone (a genuine fear of mine). The real beauty is that you can create your own phone case with just about any image you like, from different materials and for almost any phone. The design tool is supr simple, and it doesn’t cost you to play around so why the hell not?


What is a handbag essentials post without those stray beaut products you find in the bottom? Aren’t we all guilty of keeping like 10 different lip products in our bag at any given time? It’s a habit I’ve tried to curb recently and I’ve narrowed it down to these two: Sleek’s Matte Me in Birthday Suit (vegan) which is the perfect everyday long wearing lipstick, and Nyx’s butter gloss in Creme Brulee (certified cruelty free but not vegan) – which is lovely for days when I’m not wearing enough makeup to justify a full matte lip.

I also keep this Cowshed Gorgeous Cow roll on perfume oil (vegan) to hand basically all the time. They do a whole range of these which smell divine, and are fab for when you need a quick top up without walking round in a cloud of fragrance. This one is also hella relaxing for those stressful days at work, you’ll often catch me sniffing this quite aggressively in the back office. There’s always a ton of this stuff in TK Maxx so I don’t think I’ve ever actually paid full price, oops.

And lastly you’ll almost always catch me with one of Superdrug’s cruelty free/vegan hand creams in my bag, but at the time of writing this I’d run out. Never underestimate the power of a good hand cream in your bag, friends.

What do you always have in your bag?


Brianne xo

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*Some products in this post were sent to me for review.  All words and views remain my own.


7 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Handbag Essentials

    1. They really are lovely! It’s weirdly soothing to roll them on too which probably just makes me really weird haha x

  1. That phone case is SO cute!! I always love learning what people carry in their bags..cause I’m so nosey like that! Haha =)

  2. Hahha I am lolling at the thought of you aggressively sniffing in the back office hahahahaa! I really want to try Cowshed products and now I want to go to TK Maxx and buy them all (maybe not SO quickly this time!)

    I am WAY too guilty of having about 10 million different lipsticks in my bag and never using them. I find it’s something I will have a big clear out of and move them but they will all end up back in my bag within a week.. Oops!


    1. It’s a fairly common thing! Definitely get yourself into TK Maxx though, they always have loads of Cowshed stuff and they’re all so so good.

      Also every time I clear out my bag I still seem to gather them. It’s terrible ;-;

  3. Thank you so much for featuring Veeda in your cruelty-free products and thanks for informing other women on safer and 100% natural feminine solutions.

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