A Cruelty Free Essentials Haul

cruelty free essentials

You know those months where everything seems to run out at once? March is that month for me. My regular moisturiser, my shampoo, my razors, everything. This called for a bloody good scouring of Superdrug because God bless their own range when you’re not feeling too spendy. It was time to get to Superdrug and stock up on my cruelty free essentials.

Superdrug: Home of Cruelty Free Essentials

The first things I desperately needed were to sort my hair out. I’ve always been a lover of Batiste, and every single bottle was reduced to £1.48 in Superdrug which left me only with the choice of what my hair will smell of for the next month. I chose the Cherry scent, but I’m recently also a lover of their newest Candy scent. They’re all vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Next on the list was the coconut water hair care range: I picked up the shampoo and the hair masque because it was 2 for £6 and I’ve seen the mask pop up on a fair few blogs recently. This stuff smells incredible – like a cocktail only better, though I’m a little biased as I love anything coconut scented. The shampoo is a little milder and lightweight – perfect since my hair is rebelling since our shower broke and I had to spend a week washing my hair in cold water.

Finally in hair related cruelty free essentials was Superdrug’s new cleansing conditioner. Foolishly I saw it, sniffed it (again, smells like a holiday and is delightful) and threw it in my basket before I’d even finished the label. This product is of course BUAV certified, but doesn’t contain Superdrug’s usual “suitable for vegans and vegetarians” label. After some scouring of the internet I can confirm it is vegan, which makes my heart (and my hair) very happy. I’m incredibly excited about this product.

Not to forget razors – it’s getting to the time of year where body hair gets all kinds of uncomfortable for me (there’s nothing worse than feeling hot and hairy, though what you do with yours is cool w/me. I have to be honest and say these aren’t my favourite razors, but I’m rubbish at replacing blades and I’m still yet to find a hair removal method that actually works for me (how did I get so bloody hairy?!). I can’t find an exact link, but these ones on the Superdrug site are pretty similar in price and content, and definitely get the job of shearing my leg hair done.

cruelty free essentials

These Veeda tampons* aren’t something you’ll find in Superdrug, but it is a 100% organic feminine care brand set on spreading the word about caring for your cooch to women all over. I’ve always side-eyed typical feminine care products – I find tampons and pads to be horrifically uncomfortable and to be completely honest, menstrual cups scare the bloody life out of me.

Thankfully the lovely people at Veeda contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out their much kinder brand, and I couldn’t say yes quickly enough. Their products are a hundred times more comfortable than typical products I use which makes the fact that my periods seem to always surprise me slightly less horrifying.

Everything down to the packaging is eco-friendly, which is right up my alley, and I sort of feel like anything you’re about to stick up your foof should already be chemical and fragrance free, but thankfully Veeda have that covered too. The result is a much healthier way to take care of yourself – you probably have enough on your plate already on your period. My only complaint is having to pick these up online, but I can live with it.

You can take a look at Veeda and their full range here.

cruelty free essentials

Back to Superdrug and some old favourites of mine – their Vitamin E range is one I go back to time after time during the spring and summer. It’s about the time of year I crack out the night cream and face oil combo, which not only smell like you’re on holiday every single night, but are gentle enough not to break out my hyperactive skin while not letting my skin dry out, no matter how much time I spend in the sun.

Finally on my list of cruelty free essentials was another of their hand creams – they’re handy to pop in your bag for work, keep on your bedside table or take just about anywhere, and they help keep on top of my truly awful nails. I really must stop biting them.

Have you been on any shopping sprees recently?

Brianne xo

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*Some items in this post were sent to me for review. All views remain my own and are written in my own words.


8 thoughts on “A Cruelty Free Essentials Haul

  1. Superdrug is a lifesaver, I swear! I can’t live without their Vitamin E range, especially the body creams and moisturiser. I’m very tempted to try the cleansing conditioner 🙂 xx


    1. I’m quite excited about the cleansing conditioner! I’ve been trying it on and off for about a week now but I don’t know how well I’m getting on just yet. I think I might be using it wrong!

    1. It’s definitely a pain! I never have the forethought to order online anyway and having to wait in for deliveries isn’t really an option for me haha x

  2. I love Superdrug now I’m trying to go cruelty free. I have a little spending spree at least once a month (after payday)!

    I love anything coconut scented too – it’s the best fragrance EVER! Might have to pick up that masque on my next spree 🙂

    I also love the Vitamin E range, the Face Oil is divine!


  3. I haven’t really tried any of Superdrug’s own brand range but I’ve heard only great things about it 🙂 I’m transitioning into going cruelty free so this is super helpful x

  4. I also loveeee all things coconut! I’ve tried the hair mask and adore the scent but I’ve never tried to shampoo so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that. Great haul! 🙂

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