The Coffee-Cinnamon Magic Face Mask

*Suitable for vegans

Today’s post is a little different to my usual beauty reviews.  When I started blogging I was, and always have been, super into DIY beauty. My Pinterest skincare board is overwhelmed by home recipes and it dawned on me yesterday that I don’t get to make nearly as many as I hoped to. This post is brought to you by my fear of aging and also the spot on my chin that almost took Liam’s eye out when we woke up Sunday morning (that’s what you get for falling asleep in your make up). It’s not strictly a Pinterest recipe: I’ve read enough recipes and posts about natural skincare ingredients to have improvised, mixing a few ingredients that make an… interesting mix. Here goes…

The Magic Face Mask Ingredients

Coffee face mask ingredients- coffee grounds, ground cinnamon, coconut oil for clearer brighter skin

  • 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 t
  • easpoon of coconut oil

To put it together just melt down the coconut oil slightly and throw in the other ingredients, mixing it into a paste. If it’s a bit too watery just add a sprinkle of extra coffee, but I didn’t need to and you’ll end up with way too much mask- less is more in this case. Then pop it on your face and leave for 20 mins. coffee face mask for clearer brighter skin

What it does

Coffee, when used as a mask or scrub is supposed to have energising and anti-aging properties that liven up tired skin and help reduce fine lines. You’ve probably also seen a million times how it can be used to reduce cellulite on the rest of your body too.

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, is an amazing moisturiser, a great base for a face mask and is just all round a really great ingredient. It does pretty much everything, but in this case I used it for it’s fab moisturising skills.

Cinnamon also has antibacterial properties as well as bringing blood to the skin’s surface, increasing circulation and plumping the skin. If you have fine lines (sob, mine are coming) or you just want to make your skin look alive this is the ingredient for you.  It’s been used to help dry acne and tighten pores (which I NEED recently, where have my pores come from?!). It’s another good skin all-rounder. So altogether these ingredients make a fab hydrating, skin clearing, pore tightening mask. What more could you want?!

coffee face mask with coconut oil, ground cinnamon and coffee grounds

The Results

The first thing I noticed was this mask was much coarser than my typical mask-off you have sensitive skin or don’t like harsh exfoliate, skip the coffee grounds and soak oats in a bit of coffee instead. Second, I totally see why I saw cinnamon masks described as “The Burning Mask”. It doesn’t burn, exactly, but it definitely tingles.

My skin under the mask was very red for the duration- understandable as  the mask increases blood flow to the skin. Afterwards though, my skin felt amazing. It was so, so soft feeling and it definitely did look much clearer instantly.

The pores around my nose that have been annoying me lately looked much tighter and less obvious, and the spot that Liam had taken to calling my twin looked red, sure, but much smaller and less like it could knock someone out. Overall I’m really rather proud of how it turned out. 

Some things to note

First, this mask is messy. Really. Coffee gets everywhere, including down your bra and up your nose and in your boyfriend’s beard. Be prepared. Second, as I mentioned, this is a really intense mask. It’s coarse which means it’s a pretty harsh exfoliate on the skin- I wouldn’t exfoliate before or after this for a few days. It’s also even more important to make sure you moisturise afterwards too. I used some more coconut oil which I allowed to soak in before using my Vitamin E oil and night cream too. Have you tried any of your own face masks before? How did they go?

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    1. I’d say so yes! When my skin is particularly oily I find using oil-based products help to calm it down and this is a really nice mask to deep cleanse and exfoliate too.

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