A £1.50 Beauty Tool To Clean Your Brushes In Minutes

Brush cleaning? Bah.

A £1.50 Beauty Tool To Clean Your Brushes In Minutes

If you’re anything like me, you hate to clean your brushes. It drags, it’s boring, and probably one of the least favourite parts of make up. We’re all forever looking for some miracle invention to do it for us (failing that, a brush cleaning service much like a dry cleaners- there’s probably a market for that). But fear not! When I was stumbling through primark gripping my new bedding and beelining for a check out with fierce determinaion, this tiny wee beauty tool caught my eye.

Brush cleaning mats and gloves aren’t a new invention. You can pick them up just about anywhere on the internet, but being the cheapskate I am I’ve never bothered. This cute little tool from Primark is actually designed as a little face cleanser- and it does a cracking job paired with a good cleansing oil or my Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash for massaging away the day’s dirt, grime and make up. But following some experimentation I realised it’s actually not to shabby for my brushes too.

A £1.50 Beauty Tool To Clean Your Brushes In Minutes

It’s super soft and flexible so it’s not too harsh on your brushes (or your face!), but it definitely gives them a deeper clean than hand washing alone. The bristles really work into your brushes with whatever product you’re using to clean them and it seems to speed the dreaded process of rinsing said product away, too. In fact it sped up the entire process of cleaning my brushes, used less product and less water, and meant I didn’t ruin my hands either. I’m all about that. You get that satisfying fresh new brush feel in minutes, rather than battling them for half an hour.

For £1.50 it’s an absolute steal- gentle, multi-functional and also kind of adorable.

Will I be repurchasing: Yes.

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3 thoughts on “A £1.50 Beauty Tool To Clean Your Brushes In Minutes

  1. I will definitely be picking up one of these before my dreaded brush cleaning i need to do before i go on holiday! I’m guilty of very rarely cleaning them😁

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