8 Cruelty-Free Essentials That Stay In My Bag

I’ve been cruelty-free for two years now and have recently been making more of an effort to keep things to hand that I actually need, to save time and money repurchasing products that a) are usually a bit iffy on the CF scale and b) are heckin’ expensive. Imagine growing up into a real adult who actually doesn’t have a bag stuffed full of wrappers, receipts and tore up notes, and instead actually has a handly little toolkit on them at all times? FYI, my bag is still full of shite, but you’ll now also find this little survival kit in there too.



8 Cruelty-Free Essentials

Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser

Alright, I realise it is weird AF to carry a face wash with me at all times but bear with me. The bag I carry most of the time is also the backpack I take to the gym, and this little gem is fab for when I’ve finished up a sweaty session. My skin plays up something wicked when I get seriously into my training and this clears me up just fine until I can get home and carry out my actual skincare routine. It’s a nice size, secure (i.e. it has never leaked all over my bag which I appreciate a lot), and tbf does also come in handy when I’ve been doing a lot of stock work and am covered in shite at work too.

Walden Castles In The Air Perfume

This will shortly be replaced by a travel sized bottle rather than this somewhat chunky bottle, but this is one of my favourite scents from the Walden collection and it’s damn handy to keep around. With top notes of bergamot and lemon this is a sure favourite of mine, but the addition of lavender, rosemary and ylang ylang stops this from being too sickly sweet. A definite winner for me! Walden are all natural, cruelty-free and vegan. A firm contender in my cruelty-free essentials for any occasion.




Botanicals Lavender & Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser*

Hand sanitiser is one of those things I usually forget that I need until I actually need it, and end up dashing into Superdrug for one of their cheap and cheerful alcoholic ones that are strong enough to take down a horse. Botanicals were kind enough to let me try their all-natural sanitizer which contains a refreshingly short ingredients list as well as it’s super uplifting scent. Lavender and Tea Tree are one of my all-time favourite combinations, and this sanitizer is equal parts refreshing and calming. It’s lack of nasty chemicals also means it isn’t a super drying sanitiser making it a lovely handbag addition for winter.

Tisserand Travel Roller Ball

I face a pretty long and boring commute to work on some of the North East’s finest bus services, which makes travel a bit of a ball ache, to be completely honest. You guys know I’ve been into aromatherapy for a while now and this little gem is super discreet, not to strongly scented and really really handy for keeping you feeling refreshed and chilled during what can be the most stressful part of the day. I picked this one up as part of a set, but you can buy individuals directly from Tisserand.

Crazy Rumours Lip Balm

There’s a strong chance there are at least 3 different Crazy Rumours lip balms on my person at any given time. In fact, when asked to empty my pockets during my theory test a few weeks ago, I presented a grand total of 6. There are few things I hate more than dry, sore lips, and as someone who works in a warehouse that is either chronically overheated or exposed to the elements in equal measure, these little gems are completely invaluable. It’s possible I might have got a bit carried away when I saw Holland and Barrett were no longer stocking them, as I’m pretty sure I have one or two of every flavour. They’re super lightweight, tiny and easy to carry, and not greasy on the lips. Plus, they all smell absolutely divine. It’s a win-win.

8 Cruelty-Free Essentials That Stay In My Bag on Brianneetc

Mindful Earth Refreshing Facial Mist

It’s with great sadness that I report that I can’t find this ANYWHERE online, but this has been a true lifesaver in work, at the gym, shopping, or sometimes just sitting at home doing nothing. This mist is a powerfully refreshing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon which wakes you and your skin up even in the gloomiest weather. It’s a great mood booster for when you’re out and about, and it’s a lovely gym bag addition for when you need a cool down.

Madara Daily Defence Ultra Rich Balm

I’m on about my third repurchase of this because I use it for just about everything. Dry patches on my face? Madara. Hands not handling the cold weather? Madara. Bus driver refusing to take my damn money when I had to take a tenner out because the app wasn’t working and I had to stand in the snow for 20 minutes waiting for a nice driver to let me on with no change? Madara. This stuff really is ultra-rich, a super thick blend of natural ingredients that together make a fantastic all-purpose balm for just about any part that needs a bit of TLC. I can’t get enough of this in winter when my skin really does go to hell, and it’s a really lovely addition to my handbag.

Peppermint Essential Oil

You may, by now, be getting the impression that I like peppermint. You would be right. This tiny bottle was actually a sample sized pot from doTERRA, but I’ve since taken to refilling it with my own and keep it on hand. I suffer from headaches pretty often at work and when travelling, and Peppermint oil has become my fave way to clear them up without eating paracetamol like they’re sweets. It’s a supercooling little oil that also works well on achy muscles, which makes it a lovely addition to my gym bag. It’s also really great for a wakeup call when you’re feeling drowsy or unfocused, and adding some to peppermint tea does wonders for a churning stomach. It can do no wrong!

What products do you keep on hand in your bag? Let me hear about them!




4 thoughts on “8 Cruelty-Free Essentials That Stay In My Bag

  1. Lovely and witty post! Gave me a giggle on a grim Saturday morning. Out of those, I use the Madara and currently using the Botanicals hand sanitiser at work. Will be gutted when it runs out because it’s so dear. I haven’t heard of Mindful Earth before. Are they American? x

    1. I think they’re australian! I can’t find the brand anywhere online frustratingly but they’re CF certified according to the bottle and there’s very minimal ingredients so definitely vegan. I see them often in TK Maxx but other than that I’ve never been able to find another stockist!

  2. I love having a nose at what’s in people’s bags, I think they might be my favourite kind of beauty post. I’m a huge fan of Castles in the Air too, such a gorgeous scent. I also have a long commute at the moment, so I carry NYX brow pencil and Barry M clear brow gel and do my make-up on the train, and I also take Superdrug’s Hand Rescue Balm and Skin & Tonic’s peppermint lip balm everywhere (it’s very, very minty, so it sounds like it’d be up your street!) xx

    1. I might have to give that a go! I’m having a real peppermint phase at the moment. Except for when I put it in my bath that time and it burned in places I didn’t know bath water could even reach 😂

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