Animal Derived Ingredients: What, How and Where

If you caught my 5 tips for going cruelty free post, you’ll have seen the section about animal derived ingredients and probably been very confused. Navigating the many names that the ingredients can come under, understanding them and being able to spot them can be a challenge – one that I am in fact still tacklingRead more

5 Tips For Going Cruelty Free

Deciding to go cruelty free when it comes to cosmetics can be a bit of a minefield to navigate. What does it even mean? Does it rule out the drugstore? Does that make it super expensive? What’s all this about China? The good news is that I, and a bunch of super lovely helpful bloggersRead more

Life Lately #6: Handmade Burger Co & Lush

A while ago Liam introduced me to his friend Nicole, who is about as “me” as can be without actually being me. For the longest time we planned a whole day of shopping and checking out some of the veggie options (mostly just Handmade Burger Co) in the Metro Centre because it’s always a goodRead more