The Best Products From Lush – The Unsung Heroes

*Salt and Peppermint Bark (v), Jason and the Argan Oil (v), Soft Coeur (contains honey), Pumice Power (v), Miles of Smiles (v) Veganese (v) Dirty Deal (discontinued)

When we talk about the best products from Lush, you most likely think bath bombs, bubble bars and face masks (don’t we all) but since losing my bath in the move I’ve really started to explore some other Lush goodness and have instead found myself in love with their shower gels, soaps, scrubs, and all the other bits and bobs they hide away in there. Don’t get me wrong, I still sniff every single bath bomb and dream of the day Liam and I will move to a place with a bath – but my favourites are no longer bath potions. Here’s some you should be trying:

Toothy Tabs

I have a whole post about the Miles of Smiles Toothy Tabs that I’ve come to love, but they now have a whole range of foamy delights to make your tooth-brushing much less boring. Though the taste is initially a little odd (If you’ve ever tried baking soda toothpaste you’ll know the feeling), I actually much prefer the taste of these- refreshing but not overpowering. And although each tab looks tiny, they definitely pack enough of a punch to leave your mouth feeling infinitely cleaner, teeth whiter and your breath fresher. Next on my list of wants are Boom! and Oral Pleasure.

Pumice Power

Just about all of Lush’s foot care is on my list of wants, but pumice power is a product until I saw Becky Bedbug mention it a while ago and knew I had to find one. It’s a fresh, citrusy little foot scrub (much preferable to the standard peppermint scent of most footcare), and it leaves your feet feeling sparkly clean and smooth. I personally prefer using it after using one of my foot files (shudder) for that super soft post-pedicure feel. Although it’s a scrub it’s also perfect if you have sensitive skin as it doesn’t cross that line of too scrubby, a bonus for all.

Solid Shampoo

Or really any of Lush’s shampoo. I’ve tried a couple over the years and I’ve recently settled back with Jason And The Argan Oil – if you’re a Rose Jam fan you’ll love it. It’s a fairly heavy duty shampoo packed full of conditioning ingredients which is fab if like me you’ve battered your hair over the years. It does mean I sometimes need to wash my hair a little more often but the benefit it’s had for my hair more than makes up for it. Some other favourites of mine are Honey I Washed My Hair* and New, which my best friend introduced me too ages ago.

*Not strictly vegan as it contains Honeycomb and Honey but I’ve used it in the past.

Solid Conditioners

Again, or really any of their conditioners. I currently use Veganese which is a lovely lightweight conditioner which has fixed up my irritated scalp and balances the fact I use a pretty intense shampoo without skipping out on the conditioning part. Another all-time fave of mine is Jungle, which my best friend and I took to Zante with us in 2012 and it will forever remind me of trying to scrub and out of my mane. I also love the scent of American Cream and desperately want to give it a go.

Shower Scrubs and Powders

When Dirty Deal was still going I ended up trying it out, intrigued by the idea of a shower powder. As it turns out it was messy as hell but other than that was a delight. Softening, gently exfoliating and divine smelling I so, so badly want to try out their other shower powders (though I may never run out of Dirty Deal, it lasts forever). Speaking of gentle exfoliants I feel like their scrubs go a little unmentioned amongst their products and they’re some that I love. The Rough With The Smooth is a favourite of mine though my bathroom is currently stocked with the festive Salt and Peppermint Bark, a refreshingly gentle scrub that’s an absolute pleasure to use.

I’m sure I’ve missed out masses of the best products from Lush – are there any other rarely mentioned products I should be trying?

Brianne xo

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11 thoughts on “The Best Products From Lush – The Unsung Heroes

  1. Everything here sounds lovely! I’ve always been curious about the Toothy Tabs but never think to pick them up (too distracted by the face masks haha) so I’ll have to give them a go soon 🙂 xx


    1. Haha I have to admit face masks are the first thing I go to every time I go in (which is why I’m especially excited to go shopping tomorrow!) but it’s definitely worth having a nose about for their hidden gems! xx

  2. Ohhh, I absolutely love Veganese! Granted, I don’t have a lot to compare it to, because it’s the first Lush conditioner I ever tried and now don’t really want to use ANYTHING else, xx

    1. Haha I know the feeling! It smells so good <3 American Cream is also a dream and I'd absolutely recommend giving them a go xx

    1. I could never find that one in my local store! Gutted because I really wanted to give it ago, maybe next year 🙁 xx

  3. I am OBSESSED with Pumice Power, it makes my feet feel soooo good! I love Silky Underwear Dusting Powder and Elbow Grease too, I think they’re my faves (although it’s almost impossible to choose and now I’m thinking of all the shower gels, face masks and bubble bars I could also mention hahaha)

    1. I love the smell of Pumice Power too! Such a nice change from standard peppermint foot stuff. Don’t get me started on shower gels etc, I could go on for years about them aha. There’s too many to go through! x

  4. I was really gutted that Dirty Deal disappeared before I could try it out but I thought it was rather pricey and also, a shower product packaged in cardboard…?! It sounds like it’s worth the money if it lasts forever but the fact that it’s messy makes me less sad I missed out! x

    1. I don’t know if it’s back in stock or what but when I was in Lush on Saturday they had fresh stock of it! I’d definitely recommend unpacking it, I think the cardboard packing was part of what made it so messy as you obviously don’t want it under the water and LOADS would come out at once. They do another called Life’s a Beach that I like the look of for summer too! Xx

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