Tiredness And 5 Ways To Beat It

As one of many people who struggle to keep any kind of work-life balance and who somehow manages to be chronically tired, I’ve tried everything from sleep apps to miracle energy boosters and, to put it nicely, a shit ton of caffeine in an effort to feel… well, alive. Some work, some don’t. But I’m learning, slowly, how to beat tiredness and those awkward mid-afternoon lulls you get on a busy day. Here’s my 5 favourites!

Tiredness + 5 ways to beat it

1. Stretch It Out

If I’m in need of a super quick boost I’ll do a quick 10-15 minute stretch routine just to get the blood flowing and loosen up a bit. I don’t know what it is about a burn in the old hamstrings that wakes me up a little but it is so satisfying to crack out a few full body stretches and shake it off. Of course this isn’t necessarily appropriate to crack out in the middle of work – though if you watch our CCTV back you’ll definitely see me doing a few and embarrassing myself.

2. Cool showers

I won’t say a cold shower because hell no, but a cool shower is particularly refreshing in summer when the clamminess and heat is getting to you. Plus it’s good for your hair! And your circulation! Kill quite a few birds with one stone and hop in a cool shower.

3. Smoothies

Since my boyfriend treated me to Blend Active I cannot get enough of smoothies, seriously. They’re a fab way to get all the vitamins you need and if, like me, you usually slack on your fruit and veg intake, they’re amazing. Don’t make them all fruit based or else you’ll be floored by a blood sugar crash a few hours later, but toss in some nuts and seeds with some oats and you basically have yourself a super refreshing, minimal effort meal. It’s entirely possible that lacking these things in your diet could be causing you to feel tired anyway.

4. Green tea

It’s all about the liquids here today. I’ve recently cut normal tea and coffee because when you’re drinking 5-6 cups a day all that milk and sugar really adds up. I’m sort of dragging myself on a health kick… kind of. It all helps anyway. I digress- green tea is a delicious way to not entirely cut tea, still get a bit of caffeine in your system, and the lack of milk and sugar makes it just that bit healthier too.

5. Massage your face

During a physiology lecture in uni one day, I turned and saw my friend sort of tapping and prodding at her face and pulling some really weird faces. I did wonder if she might pass out again (she’d done it before and like the helpful and loving friend I am, I ran out of the lecture theatre in case she puked on me and embarrassed us all). She didn’t pass out, but later told me that massaging and stretching your face makes you feel more awake. It’s not something I’m brave enough to try in public all that often, but sometimes a good old face massage while I take my make up off or exfoliate really livens me up.

What are your favourite ways to wake yourself up?

Brianne xo

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6 thoughts on “Tiredness And 5 Ways To Beat It

    1. They’re the nicest! I’ve been experimenting with a few different ones and I’m totally in love with them. Thanks for your comment! xx

  1. These are some great tips Brianne!! My mum recently bought a smoothie maker so I’m definitely going to be making some delicious smoothies to keep me awake. I used to love green tea but I found that it made me really ill so I had to stop but there’s lots of other healthy teas out there. Enjoyed reading this and thanks again for the great tips, I’ll definitely have to put some into practice 🙂

    Hope you’re having a lovely day!

    -Nabeela x

    1. I’m really glad you found them helpful! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you find some nice recipes to try out and are having a lovely day too! x

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