Beauty Related Bad Habits I Need To Break

Bad habits. We all have them. When it comes to beauty there usually isn’t many real right or wrong way to do things- obviously it depends on the person. But I personally have some habits that I absolutely hate and can’t seem to shake off (partially laziness, I’ll admit). Perhaps publicly shaming myself for them might help me get it together. Here are my top 6!

Beauty Related Bad Habits I Need To Break

1. Nail Biting

This is my all time worst bad habit and I’ve struggled with nail biting for as long as I can remember. I actually broke the habit as a new year’s resolution and lasted a whopping 4 months before I had a meltdown in work and gnawed them all back to nothingness. This is a problem, as someone who desperately wants nice nails.

2. Skipping heat protection

I don’t always condition my hair because it sometimes just feels really meh afterwards, but skipping heat protection for my hair when I use heat tools almost daily is near enough unforgiveable. I have an awfully bad habit of forgetting to put any on when I leave my hair to dry naturally, then go in with my straightners later.

3. Keeping beauty products past their use by

I’ll be honest, I suck at remembering how long I’ve owned things and how long you’re supposed to keep them. This usually means I keep things way past their use by, especially if they’re not products I use daily.

4. Replacing products before the last one runs out

I can almost hear my mother agreeing with me. I’m terrible for picking something up for fear of running out of my last- but then never finishing the last bottle. Ever.

5. Not moisturising my neck

This is a note from myself to start doing it more often. 60 year old me will regret a saggy neck.

6. Not cleaning my brushes enough

This isn’t just me right? It’s such a damn chore. Things like my beauty blender or my foundation brushes I clean pretty often because that shit just gets nasty otherwise. But cleaning my whole collection? Despite countless resolutions to clean them more often I just… don’t.

What are your worst beauty habits? Tell me all about them (we probably share a few, too)!

Brianne xo

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6 thoughts on “Beauty Related Bad Habits I Need To Break

  1. I do so many of these too!
    The nail biting sturggle is real, I often just find myself doing it and then think – why?!
    I’m definitely one for never finishing off an old product before I replace it too!!
    Great post 🙂

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  2. Totally agree with number 4, I just can’t bring myself to use an old one when I have a shiny new one there begging me to use it! xx
    Chasing Belle

    1. Exactly! I hardly ever seem to repurchase the same thing either so I get too excited to try out my new stuff haha xx

  3. I am so guily of not using heat protection when curling my hair. It is so easy to forget because you won’t see results at that moment but it will help you on the long run

    1. Exactly! I managed to competely frazzle my hair a few years ago so I know I should really get on with it but it always slips my mind xx

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